Google Chrome

Based on my interest in web development in general, and development environment at Google in specific, I decided to contribute to the Google Chrome browser. Experiencing the power of human network into play, with the help of my TA Sebastian, I got introduced to Joel Weinberger, who is an ex-Ph.D student from UC Berkeley and currently a Software Engineer at Google, working on the Chrome web browser focusing on security. In the introductory mail, Joel sounded pretty enthusiastic and welcoming about the contribution on the Chromium (open source project that Google Chrome is built on). However, after the introductory mail, I have not heard from him yet and still waiting for his response. Meanwhile, my research on the internet pointed me to the following discussion groups. These discussion groups are basically divided based on the different development projects going on currently on Chromium OS. Referring to the posts on the forums gave me some idea about the kind of work going on in this project. It also helped me to gather knowledge about the choice of IDE for Google Chrome development, and it turns out that most support amongst the team is for using Sublime Text. Within next few days, I plan to get in touch with Joel and scope out the project I can contribute on.

added Comments Thomas 11/6/2013 (see commit description)