INFO 290. Sensors, Humans, Data, and Apps

UC Berkeley
School of Information
Fall 2014

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Course Schedule

Subject to Change. Current version: October 28, 2014.

Lecture slides will be available here.

Many of the assigned readings are licensed by the UC Berkeley Library, and can be accessed from a computer with a campus IP address. You can also access these materials from off-campus by using the library's proxy server.

Reading assignments will be adjusted throughout the course of the semester.

September 8

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Logistics, Lending Library

September 15

  • Lecture: Physiological Computing
  • Group Activity with Mindwave Mobile
  • Design Challenge

  • Read before class:

      Fairclough and Gilleade, Introduction (pp. xiii-xv) and Chapter 1 "Meaningful Interaction with Physiological Computing", Advances in Physiological Computing, Fairclough and Gilleade (Eds.), Springer, 2014.

    Due: Assignment 1

September 22

  • Lecture: Bio-Sensors, Bio-Signals, Bio-Data Analysis
  • Design Challenge De-brief, Project Pitches
  • Guest Lecture: Mindwave and More (Dr. An Luo and Masamine Someha, Neurosky)

  • Read before class:

      Voida, Patterson, and Patel. Chapter on "Sensor Data Streams", Ways of Knowing in HCI, Olson and Kellogg (Eds.), Springer, 2014.

    Due: Assignment 2

September 29

  • Lecture: BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) Systems
  • Guest Lecture: Google Glass and Android Wear (Dr. Wayne Piekarski and Yuling Liang, Google)

  • Read before class:

October 6

  • Lecture: Machine Learning, Prototyping, Experimentation (Nick Merrill)
  • Guest lecture: Wearable Prototyping (Laura Kassovic and Matt Baker, Metawear)

October 13

  • Lecture: Wearable Authentication
  • Project Updates
  • Guest Lecture: Mobile Eye Tracking (Naghmeh Shafiei, SensoMotoric Instruments)

  • Read before class:

October 20

  • Lecture: Wearable and Social (Dr. Thomas Maillart)
  • Guest Lecture: EEG, Eye-tracking, Autism (Dr. Marie Schaer, Stanford)

October 27

  • Project 1 Presentations and Feedback
  • Mid-Semester Course Evaluation

November 3

  • Lecture: Bio-Sensing and Intervention (Pablo Paredes)
  • Project 2 Launch

November 10

  • Lecture: Participatory Sensing (Dr. Thomas Maillart)
  • Lab: ABM and SMI and Indra

November 17

  • Lecture: Bio-Data Stewardship
  • Project 2 Updates

November 24

  • Guest Lecture: When Everyone's A Cyborg: Privacy and Security in The Age of Wearable Computing (Dr. Serge Egelman, Berkeley/ICSI)
  • Lab: Indra experiments
  • Course evaluations

December 1

  • Course Wrap-Up
  • Working Session

December 8

  • RRR Week: Project 2 Presentations and Feedback

December 15

  • 4-6pm: Project Showcase