Technology and Policy

IS290-17, Law 275T, PP290-18 (1 unit)

Professors Pamela Samuelson and Robert Glushko

Fall 2003: Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 pm, 202 South Hall

Good technology policy is difficult to formulate for many reasons, among them, that technologists are often unaware of the policy implications of technologies they develop and policymakers are often unfamiliar with technologies they are asked to regulate. This course will consider several different types of information technologies and specific policy issues they raise. The principal goal of the course will be to facilitate cross-disciplinary communications and collaborations between policymakers and technologists so that technologists can embed good policies in the technologies they build and policymakers can regulate technology more appropriately and effectively.

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August 27 Pam Samuelson & Bob Glushko Overview of Course and Technology Policy
September 3 Tom Kalil Inside the IT Policy Process Slides  Reading1  Reading2  Reading3
September 10 Joe Hellerstein Cross-Linking Databases Slides  Reading
September 17 Mitch Kapor Sustaining Open Source Development   Reading1  Reading2 Avrekh, M., Butler S., Hall J., Levis, P.
September 24 Brewster Kahle Free Wireless Service for San Francisco Holmquist, K., Qu, H., Sastry N., Thompson, P.
October 1 Eric Brewer Building IT Infrastructure for Developing Countries   Reading1   Reading2   Reading3 Danley, J., Gustafs, M., Han, J., Scott, J.
October 8 Deirdre Mulligan Ubiquitous Computing and Privacy   Slides   Reading1   Reading2   Reading3 Beaumont, J., Maury, B., Raiwa, I., Solomin, J., Towle, J.
October 15 Howard Shelanski Wireless Networks and Spectrum Policy    Lawrence Lessig    Yochai Benkler    Tom Hazlett    Stuart Benjamin Ahern, S.,Huang, T., Jacobs, S., Kam, S., Russell, S.
October 22 Les Vadasz Broadband Technologies   Slides Reading1  Reading2 Groenevelt, D., Grossklags, J., Halkett R., Ronald, R., Wahl, B.
October 29 Lawrence Lessig Creative Commons   Movie   Reading1   Reading2   Reading3   Reading4 Rosenfield, A., Schlossberg, D., Schmieder, S., Tandon N.
November 5 Barbara Simons Electronic Voting Technologies    Slides (ppt)    Slides (pdf)    Reading1  Reading2 Filak, K., Hall, V., Ho, K., Hurst, A., Spring, M.
November 12 Fred von Lohmann Peer to Peer Technologies    Reading1    Reading2    Reading3  Reading4  Reading5 French, B., Gu, G., Lopez, M., Yang, J.
November 19 David Wagner Internet Voting  Slides Reading1   Reading2   Reading3 Daly, B., Hodder, M., Ruiz M.
December 3 Hal Varian Rethinking the Domain Name System  Reading1   Reading2   Reading3 Angier, M., Eschet, G., Kimura T, Mahad, I., Walther, A.

Students will be expected to write one paper on a technology and policy issue, as well as to actively engage in class discussion. Each student will be asked to sign up to be lead discussant(s) for one session.