Final Submission

Final Submission

Assigned: April 14th, 2009
Due: April 30th, 2009 (Presentation and Final Prototype)
Due: May 10, 2009 (Report)

Objective: In this assignment, you will complete your final project. This includes three major components: 1) a demonstration version of your software, 2) a report that describes your project's motivation, design method(s), implementation (concise) and evaluation, and 3) a 20-minute presentation of both your software and your process for the rest of the class.

What to do:

1) Revise your software demo based on feedback from design team, potential users, the TA and the Instructor. The functionality included in the demo should be based on two factors. First, supporting all of the tasks and activities that you would like during your user testing. Second, making a compelling demonstration for the final class presentation. You should be able to make progress from your first and second prototypes, including additional functionality, a refined look-and-feel, help features, interaction with live data sets, etc.

2) Conduct your user testing, based on your experiment design, and feedback from the TA and Instructor. Make sure to follow appropriate policies with regard to informed consent and records release. (Example forms are provided here and here). You should include the TA as a subject in at least some part of your user testing protocol.

3) Draft a report, describing your project's motivation, design method(s), implementation and evaluation. Be concise - up to a maximum of twelve pages single-spaced 12-point text. Your goal is to describe what is really new and innovative about your approach, and how you have demonstrated its usability and benefit. Some sections your report should include are: Abstract, Introduction, Problem Statement, Design Process, Final Prototype Implementation (very concise, use images where appropriate, and include a description of what features have not been implemented), Evaluation Method, Evaluation Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References. In your report some of these sections may be combined, but in general all these topics should be covered. Refer to recent CHI proceedings for examples of how interactive systems are described and evaluated.

4) Prepare a presentation that summarizes your process, focusing on the most interesting observations and results, and demonstrates the capabilities of your software. Again, your goal is to describe what is really new and innovative about your approach, and how you have demonstrated its usability and benefit. You should aim for a twenty-minute presentation, with ten minutes for questions. Practice beforehand, with an audience if possible! If you go over, you wont be given extra time.

5) Make the presentation in class on April 30th, May 5th or May 7th (your position will be determined by random lottery). Your final project grade will be determined in equal parts by the final presentation and the final report.

What to turn in:

E-mail to the professor and TA a link to each of the following before 3:30 PM on April 30th:

1) Cover sheet including yourself and your partners' names, and the title of your project. Include a paragraph about what each person contributed to the final software, evaluation, presentation and report. Describe the tools you used to develop your final demo, how they helped and/or created additional obstacles [1 page].

2) A link to your final demonstration software, including any instructions on how to install and/or run it, if needed.

3) Your final presentation slides, movies and/or any supporting materials.

Additionally, e-mail to the professor and TA a link the following before 11:59 PM on May 10th:

4) Your final report, accepted in PDF format only! [maximum of 12 pages]

Please contact the professor or the class TA using the course mailing list if you have any questions with this assignment.