INFOSYS 204: Information Users and Society
Fall, 2001
updated November 14, 2001, 3:42 p.m.  Final paper assignment posted.
Instructor:  Prof. Nancy Van House
510-642-0855; 307A South Hall
office hours  TBA
This course is taught in two parts. This is the syllabus for the second part of the couse.  The first part was taught by Prof. Pamela Samuelson.


Please buy:
John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid, The Social Life of Information, Harvard Business School Press, 2000.  Chapters from this are not in the reader.

Also recommended: Eugene Rochlin, Trapped in the Net: THe Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization.  Princeton University Press, 1997.

There is a reader at Copycentral on Bancroft.


topic date readings
intro Oct. 18 Brown & Duguid: Intro; chs 1 & 2

Rochlin ch 1

Organizations: work, practice, and knowledge Oct 23 Brown & Duguid ch 3 & 4 
Oct 25 Rochlin ch. 7 (in reader)
(Ch 4 recommended)

B&D ch 5

Erickson, T. and Kellogg, W. A. "Knowledge Communities: Online Environments for Supporting Knowledge Management and its Social Context." To Appear in Beyond Knowledge Management: Sharing Expertise. (eds. Ackerman, Mark, Volkmar Pipek, and Volker Wulf). Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, in press 2001. Sections 1-3.2 only (tho rest of paper is interesting, too)

Organizations: adoption and fit of IT; CMC Oct 30
Ackerman, Mark. The Intellectual Challenge of CSCW: The Gap Between 
Social Requirements and Technical Feasibility. pp 1-5 only. Human-Computer Interaction, forthcoming.
available via

Orlikowski, Wanda J. "Learning from Notes: organizational issues in groupware implementation." The Information Society 9 (1993) pp. 237-250. 
Orlikowski, Wanda J. "Improvising Organizational Transformation over Time: a Situated Change Perspective." Information Systems Research 7:1 (March 1996) pp. 63-92.  Pay more attention to the case study and how this place is similar to or differen from the one in the other article than to her discussion of change.

Nov 1
NVH gone, guest lecturer: Nicolas Ducheneaut  (SIMS PhD student)
Read (not in reader):
 Ducheneaut, N. (2001). "The social impacts of electronic mail in organizations: a case study of electronic power games using
 communication genres." To appear in Information, Communication, and Society (iCS), 5(1). 
available via
Note: some South Hall machines seem to have trouble accessing this, some don't.
Communities: virtual and real  Nov 6 DiMaggio, et al, Social Implications of the Internet, Ann Rev Sociology 2001: 307-36.
Wellman and Gulia, "Virtual Communities: net surfers don't ride alone." In Kollock and Smith, Communities in Cyberspace, 1999, p. 167-194.
Kollock and Smith, Communities in Cyberspace, 1999, ch 1: Communities in Cyberspace, p. 1-25.
communities; ethnographic methods Nov 8 Miller and Slater, The Internet: an Ethnographic Approach.
Ch 1: conclusions.
ch 2: Trinidad and the Internet: an overview 
added 10/30: chapter 3, Relationships
Digital Divide Nov 13 Falling Through the Net (2000) 
exec summary and Part 1

OECD. Understanding the Digital Divide. 20001. P. 1-8

Recommended: The Digital Divide Network.

Internet Use Nov 15 UCLA Internet Report, Surveying the Digital Future, Nov. 2000

Philip Howard, Lee Rainie, Steve Jones.  The Internet in Everyday Life: The First Decade of A Diffusing Technology. American Behavioral Scientist, In Press

Documents Nov 20 B&D ch 7 (not in reader)

David M. Levy, Documents and Libraries: Sociotechnical Perspective; to appear in
Ann P. Bishop, Barbara P. Buttenfield, and Nancy A. Van House, eds,
Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation, MIT Press, 2002.

Go back and look again at Miller and Slater's website - follow links to illustrations

  Nov 22 Thanksgiving Holiday
Usability &  human-centered design Nov 27 CACM Volume 42 , Issue 5 (May 1999) May 1999 - available to campus isp addresses via ACM Digital Library

Kim Halskov Madsen, The diversity of usability practices, pp. 60 - 62 

Jacob Buur, Kirsten Bagger, Replacing usability testing with user dialogue pp. 63 - 66

Karel Vredenburg, Increasing ease of use pp. 67 - 71 

Julia Gardner, Strengthening the focus on users' working practices, pp. 78 - 82

Nov 29
Ethics  Dec 4 ACM code of ethics:

ALA code of ethics: 

ALA Draft Library Principles for the Networked World

Recap Dec 6 ---