School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Friday Afternoon Seminar on Information Access: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Spring 2020.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Presentation Summaries. Email list.
South Hall 107, Fridays 3-5 pm. Everyone interested is welcome!

Jan 24: Clifford LYNCH: Perhaps We Have Framed the Research Data Management Challenge Incorrectly?
Jan 31: Michael BUCKLAND: Genres of Library Service: Economics, Ideology, Technology, etc.
Feb 7: Cathy MARSHALL: The US Census and Social Media Archiving.
Feb 14: Monique le Conge ZIESENHENNE, Palo Alto: The Role of Public Libraries, Today and Tomorrow.
Feb 21: Hany FARID: Assessing the Reliability of Clothing-Based Forensic Identification.
Feb 28: Seminar Project Progress Reports.
    Chintan VYAS: Cloud Information Systems and Advancements in Infrastructure Technologies.
    Vikramank SINGH and Mekhola MUKHERJEE: Accelerating Human Learning through AI.
    Aobo LYU: The Evolution of e-Commerce Platform Marketing Modes.
Mar 6: Howard BESSER: Archiving the Non-Organizational Born-Digital: The Challenges Posed by Material from Individuals, Communities, Social Movements, and Events.
    Also Ankit BANSAL: Enhancing Digital Media Search and Retrieval using AI.
Mar 13: Robert SANDERSON, J. Paul Getty Trust: Tiers of Abstraction and Audience in Cultural Heritage Data Modeling.
Mar 27: No Seminar. Spring break.
Apr 3: Michael BUCKLAND: 101 Years of Women.
Apr 10: Deirdre MULLIGAN: Covid-19 Surveillance.
Apr 17: Jeffrey MACKIE-MASON and Rachael SAMBERG: UC Berkeley's Digital Lifecycle Program: Mass Digitization of Special Collections for Use and Preservation.
Apr 24: Seminar Project Reports: Ankit BANSAL and Chintan VYAS; Aobo LYU; Mekhola MUKHERJEE and Vikramank SINGH.
    Ankit BANSAL and Chintan VYAS: AI-powered Digital Media Management and Analysis.
    Aobo LYU: The Evolution of e-Commerce Platform Data Processing Activity.
    Mekhola MUKHERJEE and Vikramank SINGH: Statistical Analysis of Human Procedural Learning.
May 1: Wayne de FREMERY and Michael BUCKLAND: Copy Theory.

The Seminar will resume in the Fall semester.
  Fall 2019 schedule and summaries. Fall 2020 schedule and summaries.