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 Friday Afternoon Seminar: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Spring 2013.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations. Weekly mailing list.
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Jan 25 Clifford LYNCH: Introductions. Personal Digital Archiving.
Feb 1: Daniel PITTI, Ray R. LARSON, Adrian TURNER, & Brian TINGLE: Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC), Phase 2.
Feb 8: Charles WANG: Nuclear Forensics: Visualization.
Natalie CADRANEL: Participatory Archiving.
Feb 15: Peter BRANTLEY, Director of Scholarly Communications,
Feb 22: Michael BUCKLAND: What is New in Libraries? -- and How New?
Mar 1: No seminar meeting.
Mar 8: Tim STUTT: Public Search Interfaces to Plant Collections. Catherine MARSHALL, Microsoft: Exploring Social Norms with the Crowd.
Mar 15: Merrilee PROFFITT & Jim MICHALKO, OCLC: MOOCs and Libraries.
Mar 22: Discussion of biographical data.
Mar 29: Semester break. No seminar meeting.
Apr 5: Tim STUTT: Public Search Interfaces to Plant Collections. Progress report. Fred GEY: Nuclear Forensics Search.
Apr 12: Report on CNI Spring Meeting Report. Michael BUCKLAND: Documents, Society, Cultural Heritage.
Apr 19: Niklaus STETTLER, HTW, Chur: Introduction. Michael BUCKLAND and Patrick GOLDEN: Editorial Practices and the Web: Phase 2. Marc BRON, OCLC Research: ArchiveGrid.
Apr 26: Tom LEONARD, University Librarian: Sizing Up Libraries: Slackers or Over-Achievers.
May 3: Tim STUTT: Search Interfaces for Plant Collections.
Clifford LYNCH: Summing Up on Names, Biographies and Identities.
June 10: Tatsuki SEKINO, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan: Time information system and basic temporal information: The other side of the spatiotemporal information science.
    Shoichiro HARA, Vice-Director, Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University: Information Infrastructures for Area Studies.
The Seminar will resume next semester.

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