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 Friday Afternoon Seminar: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Spring 2012.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations. Weekly mailing list.
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Jan 20: Clifford LYNCH: Surveying the Changing Cultural Record.
Jan 27: Pinar ÖZTÜRK: Classical and Textual Case-based Reasoning.
Feb 3: Michael BUCKLAND and Patrick GOLDEN: Scholarly Notes and Digital Humanities.
Feb 10: Ray LARSON and Brian TINGLE: Update on the Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) Project.
Feb 17: AnnaLee SAXENIAN: Ischools and the Ischool Conference. Irene ELETA, Univ of Maryland: Multilingual Social Tagging of Art Images: Cultural Bridges and Diversity.
Mar 2: Adam JATOWT, Kyoto Univ.: Studies in Collective Memory: Towards Computational History through Large Scale Text Mining. Michael BUCKLAND: Integrative Data Management.
Mar 9: Clifford LYNCH: Personal Digital Archiving: Discussion.
Mar 16: Catherine MARSHALL, Microsoft Research: Whose Content is it Anyway? A User Perspective on the Ownership and Control of Social Media.
Mar 23: Marcia BATES, UCLA: Can You Spell Idiographic? Designing Information Systems for Humanities Scholarship.
Apr 6: Juliane STILLER: Interaction and Collaboration in Cultural Heritage Information Systems.
Apr 13: Clifford LYNCH: Memory Organizations and Evidence to Support Scholarship in the 21st Century.
Apr 20: MacKenzie SMITH: Data Governance: Another Side of Data Curation.
Apr 27: Victoria STODDEN, Visiting Scholar: Building the Reproducible Computational Science Movement: Catalyzing Action Through Policy, Software Tools, and Ideas.
The Seminar will resume in August 24.
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