School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Friday Afternoon Seminar on Information Access: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2021.
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Fridays 3-5 pm. Some sessions Zoom only, some in-person only, and and some hybrid: See Summaries.

Aug 27: Clifford LYNCH: Why "Web Archiving" is no Longer a Useful Concept or phrase. Sep 3: Labor Day weekend: No Seminar meeting.
Sep 10: Clifford LYNCH: Policy and Strategic Issues in Managing the Flood of Video in Universities.
Sep 17: Wayne De FREMERY & Michael BUCKLAND: Relevance and Creativity.
Sep 24: Leslie JOHNSTONE, NARA: Applied Trustworthy Digital Repositories and Risk Assessment.
Oct 1: Leonardo BURSZTYN, Univ. of Chicago: Appropriate Behavior: Social Norms, Morality, and Decision-Making.
Oct 8: 2:30 p.m. start: The School's 103rd Birthday Celebration.
Oct 15: Clifford LYNCH & Michael BUCKLAND: Short Reports.
Oct 22: Alan INOUYE, ALA: Whiplash: Library & Education Public Policy in the Covid Era.
Oct 29: Sarah HOUGHTON, Salwa ISMAIL and G√ľnter WAIBEL: California Digital Library & UC Berkeley Library: Goodbye Melvyl. Hello UC Library Search.
Nov 5: Charles FAULHABER, Bancroft Library: PhiloBiblon: From Siloed Databases to Linked Open Data via Wikibase: Proof of Concept.
Nov 12: Mary ELINGS and Christina FIDLER, Bancroft Library: Building a Born Digital Archives Program at the Bancroft Library.
Nov 19: David S. H. ROSENTHAL: Blockchain: What's Not To Like?
    Clifford LYNCH: Priorities for Capital Investment in Digital Infrastructure and Services.
Nov 26: Thanksgiving: No Seminar meeting.
Dec 3: Clifford LYNCH: The Networked Information Landscape: Surveying Recent Developments and Future Prospects.
    The Seminar will resume in the Spring semester on Jan 21.
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