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 Friday Afternoon Seminar on Information Access: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2020.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Presentation Summaries. Email list.
South Hall 107, Fridays 3-5 pm. Everyone interested is welcome!
Zoom only during the Fall 2020 semester. A link to each Seminar session is available only at the School's event listing:

Sept 18: Cliffored LYNCH: The Impact, Priorities and Prospects for Sustained Infrastructure Investment in Scholarly Communication.
    More than thirty years of sustained and strategic investment, largely by libraries, has positioned the research and higher education communities to navigate the disruption of the current pandemic to a considerable extent. To see this graphically, imagine that the pandemic had occurred in 1985 or 1990 and consider the implications for the higher education and research enterprises. We'll discuss some of these specific areas of investment, and also where continued or new investments are needed going forward.
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    Link to each Seminar session is available only at the School's event listing:

Sept 25: **2:00-3:30** UC Berkeley School of Information 102nd Birthday Celebration.
    A virtual event focused on women’s leadership at the School, beginning with the School of Librarianship up through the present day. This event is in conjunction with the campus-wide Berkeley 150W History Project, which marks the 150th anniversary of the UC Regents’ unanimous approval of a resolution that women be admitted to the University on “equal terms in all respects with young men.” Visit the School of Information's own 150W History Project page:
    Professor Steven Weber, associate dean and head of school, will kick off the event with a welcome and an update on the school during these unprecedented times. Professor and former dean Anno Saxenian will give an overview of the history of women leadership at the I School. They’ll be followed by Assistant Adjunct Professor Morgan Ames (MIMS ’06), Associate Professor Jenna Burrell, Associate Professor Kimiko Ryokai, and Assistant Professor Niloufar Salehi, who will present their research areas of interests and passion projects. Time for questions will follow.
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Oct 2: Clifford LYNCH: Continuity of the Research Enterprise during the Pandemic.
Oct 9: Tim TANGHERLINI: Conspiracy in the Time of Corona: An Automated Pipeline for Narrative Framework Discovery on Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories.
Oct 16: Nick MERRILL, CLTC: Understanding the 'Splinternet'.
Oct 23: Daniel PITTI, University of Virginia.
Oct 30: Salwa ISMAIL, University Library.
Nov 6: Elaine SEDENBERG, Facebook.
Nov 13: Howard BESSER, New York University.

The Seminar will resume in the Spring semester.
  Spring 2020 schedule and summaries. Fall 2019 schedule and summaries.