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 Friday Afternoon Seminar on Information Access: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2018.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Presentation Summaries. Email list.
South Hall 107, Fridays 3-5 pm. Everyone interested is welcome!

Aug 24: Clifford LYNCH & Michael BUCKLAND: Introductions.
    Clifford LYNCH: The Cultural Record in the Information War Era.
Aug 31: No Seminar meeting.
Sept 7: Luciana Corts MENDES: A Hermeneutical Metatheory for Information Science.
Sept 14: Michael BUCKLAND: Our First 50 Years: 1918-1968.
Sept 21: Matt BAYLEY: Towards a Distributed Web Crawling and Indexing Infrastructure that Facilitates Diverse Collection and Curation.
    Michael BUCKLAND: Information Access: Scope and Limitations.
Sept 28: Marcia BATES: Designing Search Interfaces for our Inner Hunter-Gatherer: Getting Serious about Browsing.
Oct 5: Zachary BLEEMER: The University of California ClioMetric History Project.
Oct 12: Peter BRANTLEY, UC Davis: "I don't want to be a publisher!" Regulating liability for the sticky parts: An exploration of CDA Section 230, sex work, and user content.
Oct 19: Howard BESSER, New York University: Digital Privacy for Librarians (and Others).
Oct 26: Patrick GOLDEN, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Florilegia: Organizing Scholarly Annotations in PDFs.
Nov 2: Matt BAYLEY and Mark GRAHAM: Facilitating Diverse Collection and Curation in Web Crawling and Indexing.
David S. H. ROSENTHAL: Blockchain: What's Not To Like?
Nov 9: Cathryn CARSON, Dept of History: Data in the Undergraduate Curriculum.
Nov 16: Campus closed because of smoke. Seminar program rescheduled to Spring 2019.
Nov 23: Thanksgiving: No Seminar meeting.
Nov 30: Matt BAYLEY: Facilitating Diverse Collection and Curation in Web Crawling and Indexing.
; Clifford LYNCH: Developments in 2018 and Prospects for 2019.

  Spring 2018 schedule and summaries.   Spring 2019 schedule and summaries.