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 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Friday Afternoon Seminar: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2015.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of topics. Weekly mailing list.
Aug 28: Clifford LYNCH: What does pervasive security failure mean for archives, cultural memory, and scholarship? Some introductory speculations and a discussion.
Sep 4: No Seminar meeting. Labor Day weekend.
Sep 11: Clifford LYNCH: Short Reports. Nick DOTY: Imagining our Center for Technology, Society & Policy.
Sep 18: Lincoln CUSHING: Kaiser Permanente: Archiving the Corporation: Managing Historical Information at Kaiser Permanente.
Sep 25: Michael BUCKLAND: Links, Meaning, and Contexts.
Oct 2: David ROSENTHAL, Stanford: Emulation as a Strategy for Digital Preservation.
Oct 9: Clifford LYNCH: Pervasive Failures and Bad Translations. Dong-Hee SHIN, SKKU, Korea: Creating a new School of Information in Korea.
Oct 16: Stephen ABRAMS, California Digital Library: A Domain Model for Digital Curation.
Oct 23: Laine FARLEY, California Digital Library: Behind the Scenes at the California Digital Library.
Oct 30: Bruce WASHBURN, OCLC Research: Looking inside the Library Knowledge Vault.
Nov 6: Tom LEONARD, University Librarian Emeritus: Well-Behaved Pirates, Publishers, and Libraries: The Early Years.
Nov 13: Cathy MARSHALL, Texas A&M University: Reviving Joan.
Nov 20: Ryan SHAW, Patrick GOLDEN, and Michael BUCKLAND: Making Research Notes Accessible Online.
Nov 27: Thanksgiving: No Seminar meeting.
Dec 4: Information Access: the last 25 years and the next 25 years.

The Seminar will resume in the Spring semester on January 22.

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