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 Friday Afternoon Seminar: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2011.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations. Weekly mailing list.
Aug 26: Clifford LYNCH and Michael BUCKLAND: Introduction to Seminar. Data Citation and Annotation. Tuukka RUOTSALO: Searching the Web of Data.
Sep 9: David LESTER, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). Humanities Centers.
Sep 16: Clifford LYNCH & Michael BUCKLAND: Data Curation and Re-Use.
Sep 23: Mario PEREZ-MONTORO, Visiting Scholar; University of Barcelona. Past and present work.
Sep 30: Ruth MOSTERN, U.C. Merced: Spatially Aware History Teaching.
Oct 7: Clifford LYNCH: Names and Lives In the Cultural Record.
Oct 14: Patrick GOLDEN and Michael BUCKLAND: Editors' Notes and Humanities Scholarship.
Oct 21: Fred GEY and Ray LARSON: Recasting Nuclear Forensics Discovery as a Digital Library Search Problem.
Oct 28: Elisa OREGLIA: The women's connection: circulation and use of ICT between urban and rural China. Megan FINN and Elisa OREGLIA: Situation Reports and the Politics of Information Sharing in Emergencies. R. Stuart GEIGER: 'The Internet Is Here': The Virtuality of 'Online Communities' in Physical Spaces.
Nov 4: Pinar ÖZTÜRK: My Research Interests. Michael BUCKLAND: Information Access Old and New.
Nov 11: University holiday. No Seminar meeting.
Nov 18: Juliane STILLER: Europeana and Beyond: User Interaction and Collaboration in Multilingual Cultural Heritage Information Systems.
Nov 25: Thanksgiving. No Seminar meeting.
Dec 2: Clifford LYNCH: Biomedical Libraries in the Next Decades: Open, Diffuse, and Very Personal.
    Elisa OREGLIA: Social Relationships, Information Flows and Agriculture in Rural China.
The Seminar will resume on January 20.
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