School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Friday Afternoon Seminar: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2010.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations.
Aug 27: Clifford LYNCH: Introductions. New Infrastructure and Instruments for the Human Sciences, and Implications for the Locus of Research and the Evolution of Disciplines in the Academy.
Sept 3: No semester meeting.
Sept 10: Ryan SHAW: Events and Periods as Concepts for Organizing Historical Knowledge.
Sept 17: Charles van den HEUVEL, Regents' Lecturer: Interface as Thing: Annotation and Visualization of Historical Evidence in e-Research.
Sept 24: Lewis LANCASTER, Tim TANGHERLINI (UCLA) and Michael BUCKLAND: Network Pattern Recognition in Large Humanities Corpora.
Oct 1: Ray R. LARSON, and Krishna JANAKIRAMAN, and Brian TINGLE (California Digital Library). The Social Networks and Archival Context Project.
Oct 8: Catherine MARSHALL, Microsoft Research: Testing the Limits of Social Media Ownership.
Oct 15: Tuukka RUOTSALO, Visiting Scholar: Knowledge Management for Digital Cultural Heritage.
October 22: Jeanette ZERNEKE, Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative: The Early California Cultural Atlas (ECCA).
Oct 29: Clifford LYNCH: Some Initial Thoughts on Data Retention Lifecycles and Data Lifespans.
Nov 5: Krishna JANAKIRIMAN and Michael BUCKLAND.     Krishna JANAKIRAMAN: Report on Matching and Clustering Entities in Large Collections of Encoded Archival Context (Corporate Names, Persons and Families) Records.
    Also Michael BUCKLAND: (Re-)Using Other People's Data.
Nov 12: John WILBANKS, Vice President, Science Commons, Creative Commons: The Work of the Science Commons.
Nov 19: Ryan SHAW & Patrick GOLDEN: Editorial Practices and the Web.
Nov 26: Thanksgiving: No Seminar meeting.
Dec 3: Krishna JANAKIRAMAN: Matching and Merging Entities in Collections of Archive Description Records.
Megan FINN: Californians and Their Earthquakes.

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