IS 296-3/S06





COURSE PLAN so far, 2006-01-26


Jan 19, Introduction


Jan 26, The notion of sign I

Ch. S. Peirce

Febuary 2, The notion of sign II

F. de Saussure

link to selected chapters from Saussure Courses in General Linguistics

February 9, Semiology according to Barthes

Selected texts by Roland Barthes from "Elements of Semiology"(1964/67)

Part II Signifier and Signified link

 and "Image, Music, Text" (1977)

The Photographic Message and

Rethoric of the Image link

Musica Practica and From Work to Text link

February 16, Semiotics according to Kress & Leeuwen

Gunter Kress & Theo van Leeuwen: Multimodal Discourse: The modes and Media of contemporary communication, Arnold 2001: TO BE BOUGHT

February 23, K & L II

K & L: Multimodal Discourse

March 2, why do we need a document theory

article and draft manuscript, coming soon



















List of literature, which either will be scheduled or pointed to in the rest of the course:




McLuhan, Marshall: Understanding Media, The Extensions of Man, The MIT Press 1964/94


Bolter, Jay David and Grusin, Richard: Remediation, Understanding New Media; The MIT Press 1999/2000


Manovich, Lev: The Language of New Media, The MIT Press, 2002



Latour, Bruno and Woolgar, Steve: Laboratory Life, The Construction of Scientific Facts, Princeton University Press 1979,1986


Frohmann, Bernd: Deflating Information, From Science Studies to Documentation, University of Toronto Press, 2004


Bowker, Geoffrey: Memory Practices in the Sciences, The MIT Press 2006, just being published


Harding, Sandra and Figueroa, Robert (Eds): Science and Other Cultures: Issues in Philosophies of Science and Technology, Routledge, New York, 2003