School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 296a: 1: Seminar on Extended Retrieval.
 Spring 97 Schedule.

 3 units.  CCN# 42718  Fridays 3-5.  107 South Hall.  
Instructors:  Clifford Lynch and Michael Buckland  203A South Hall  (510) 642 3159

Fall 1997 schedule.
Jan 24: Clifford LYNCH: Introduction. Selected recent developments.
Jan 31: Daniel PITTI, Library: Update on encoded archival description.
Feb 7: Fred GEY, UCData: A TREC-5 retrospective.
Feb 14: Michael BUCKLAND: Emanuel Goldberg, builder of the first digital library prototype.
Feb 21: Marti HEARST, Xerox PARC: Document grouping in the presentation of information retrieval results.
Feb 28: Paul RESNICK, AT&A Labs: PICS as a metadata infrastructure.
March 7: Charles FAULHABER, Bancroft Library: The Digital Scriptorium.
March 14: Michael BUCKLAND: Search support for unfamiliar metadata vocabularies.
March 21: Kohn KUNZE, UCSF: The Dublin core: Update.
March 28: Spring break - No seminar meeting.
April 4: Michael BUCKLAND: The future of the book.
April 11: Charles CRONIN: Music plagiarism.
April 18: Michael COOPER: Design considerations in instrumenting and monitoring Web-based I.R. systems.
April 25: Aitao CHEN: Chinese text retrieval without a dictionary.
May 2: Nina WAKEFORD, Sheffield Univ.: Cybercafes as interfaces to the Internet.
May 9: Last seminar meeting of the semester. Michael BERGER: The Web version of MELVYL.

Fall 1996 schedule. Fall 1997 schedule.