School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
 Schedule - Spring 2006.

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations.
Friday, Jan 20: Ray LARSON: Time Period Directories.
Jan 27: Timo SAARI, Helsinki IIT: Researching Mobile Media in Context.
Feb 3: Marc DAVIS, Yahoo! Research Berkeley: Designing the Future of Social Media.
Feb 10: Clifford LYNCH: Speculations on the Implications of Large Scale Digitization and Digital Literatures.
Feb 17: Keith JOHNSON, Stanford Digital Repository: Digital Preservation: "In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice".
Feb 24: Colin BURKE: Codebreaking and retrieval machines 1930s-40s; Historiography.
Mar 3: Clifford LYNCH: The Varieties of Data Curation.
Mar 10: Libby SMITH: Mass Collection Digitization: Keeping Resources Trusted. Yun Kyung JUNG: Reasons for Voluntary Information Sharing in Korean Cyberspace: The Uses and Gratification Approach. Ray R. LARSON: Grid-based Digital Libraries and Cheshire3.
Mar 17: Kirsten NEILSEN and Heidi SCHMIDT, UCSF: Remodeling a Digital Library: Planning for the Next Generation Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.
Mar 24: Michael BUCKLAND: Book Talk: Emanuel Goldberg and His Knowledge Machine.
Apr 7: Niels LUND: A Document Turn Ahead?
Apr 14: Coye CHESHIRE: Current Experimental Research in the Use of Information for Trust-Building and Social Exchange Transitions.
Apr 21: Charis KASKIRIS: Behavioral Economic Engineering: An Emprical Investigation of Time Preferences.
Apr 28: Clifford LYNCH: Reports and New Developments.     Michael BUCKLAND: The Nature of Naming.
May 5: Last Seminar meeting of Spring Semester: Students' Reports.
    Yun Kyung JUNG: What Clicks? Why do Korean Cyber Users Participate in Sharing Information?
    Elizabeth Ann SMITH: Mass Digitization: Is Google a Trusted Repository?
    Vivien PETRAS: Translating Dialects in Search: Mapping between Specialized Languages of Discourse and Documentary Languages.
Aug 18: Julian WARNER, Queen's University, Belfast. Forms of Mental Labor in the Feist Judgment.
    The seminar will continue in the Fall semester.
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