School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
 Schedule - Spring 2005.

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations.
Jan 21: Introduction to the Seminar & Introductions
Jan 28: Clifford LYNCH: Heritage Stewardship: Personal Collections, Personal Storage.
Feb 4: Judson KING, CSHE: Academic Change and the Information Age.
Feb 11: Ray LARSON and others: Organizing Places, Periods, and Persons.
Feb 18: David S.H. ROSENTHAL, Chief Scientist, & Victoria REICH, Director, LOCKSS Program, Stanford University Libraries: Electronic Collections and the Future of Libraries.
Feb 25: Michael BUCKLAND: Theorizing "Information"; Clifford LYNCH: Personal Information Management.
Mar 4: Ricky ERWAY, Merrilee PROFFITT & GŁnter WAIBEL, RLG: Unifying and Delivering Digital Assets for Classroom Use.
Mar 11: Nancy VAN HOUSE: The Social Uses of Personal Photos (and New Photographic Technologies)
Mar 18: Marc DAVIS: Mobile Media Metadata: The Future of Mobile Imaging.
Mar 25: No seminar - Spring recess.
Apr 1: Dan GREENSTEIN, California Digital Library: After Google Scholar What? Future Directions for the Academic Library.
Apr 8: Barbara ROSARIO: Natural Language Processing in Bioinformatics: Uncovering Semantic Relations.
Apr 15: Taeck-soo CHUN, Academy of Korean Studies: The Korean Indigenous Local Cultures and Korean Economic Development in a Global Age.
    Fabio CRESTANI, Univ. of Strathclyde, Glasgow: Information-retrieval-based automatic ontology population.
Apr 22: Peter MONFORE: Blogging and the Internet.
    AnnaLee SAXENIAN: New Directions for SIMS.
Apr 29: Geoffrey BOWKER, U. of Santa Clara: Memory Practices in the Sciences.

May 6: No seminar meeting.
The seminar will resume in the Fall semester on Sept 2.

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