School of Information Management & Systems .
 Formerly School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
  Spring 2003 Schedule

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Instructors: Clifford Lynch and Michael Buckland. Schedule subject to change. Summaries of presentations. For more information see seminar webpage
Jan 24: Documentary: The Man who Wanted to Classify the World: Paul Otlet.
Feb 7: Nicolas DUCHENEAUT: The Sociotechnical Construction of Open Source Software.
Feb 14: Aitao CHEN, Fredric GEY, Ray LARSON, & Michael BUCKLAND: Searching Across Different Genres: Texts, Numbers, and Places.
Feb 21: Emily LIGGETT: Interfaces Designed for the Visualization of Complex Relationships.
    Clifford LYNCH: Key Research and Implementation Issues in Metadata.
Feb 28: Michael BUCKLAND and others: Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographical Access.
Mar 7: Richard BEAUBIEN, Ralph MOON, & Lynne GRIGSBY-STANDFILL, Library Systems Office: Publishing, Organizing, and Managing of Digital Content.
Mar 14: Clifford LYNCH: Gutenberg-e Report; Collaborative Filtering / Personalization.
Mar 21: Alessandro ACQUISTI: Privacy, Anonymity, and Tracking in Computer-mediated Economic Transactions.
Mar 28: Spring Recess: No seminar meeting.
Apr 4: Jerome McDONOUGH, New York University: METS and METS Profiling: A Not So Gentle Introduction.
Apr 11: John KUNZE, California Digital Library: What Makes Identifiers Persistent
Apr 18: Linda Cathryn MUEHLINGHAUS (formerly Everstz), Dominican University of California: The difficulty of practicing what we preach: Teaching about culture in an on-line environment in K-12 teacher preparation.
Apr 25: Avi RAPPOPORT, Search Engine Consultant: Notes from the CHI Search Interface Workshop and the Infonortics Search Engines Meeting.
May 2: Merrilee PROFFITT, RLG: RedLightGreen: RLG Accelerates Undergraduate Research.
May 9: Ethan EISMANN: Sustainable Knowledge Communities: Learning from the b IPLog.
    Paul ELL, Belfast: From Printed Historical Census Data, to Electronic Datasets, to a Paper Atlas, to an Electronic Atlas of the Great Irish Famine.
The Seminar will resume on August 29.
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