School of Information Management & Systems .
 Formerly School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
  Spring 2002 Schedule

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Instructors: Clifford Lynch and Michael Buckland. Schedule subject to change. Summaries of presentations.

Jan 25: Clifford LYNCH: Introduction to the Seminar. Archiving of digital material.
Feb 1: Clifford LYNCH: Archiving of digital material (Continued).   Also: With Fredric GEY and Ray LARSON: Report on HICSS: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan 2002.
Feb 8: Michael BUCKLAND: Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographical Search.
Feb 15: Yale BRAUNSTEIN: Economic Impacts of Database Production in Developing Countries.
Feb 22: What are the Most Interesting Questions in Information Management? A Discussion led by Michael Buckland.     Also: Chan KOH, Visiting Scholar: The Economic Impact of the Software Industry.
Mar 1: Yueh-Ying HSU & Kyungmin KIM: WhereIS Project: A Locating Service.
    What are the Most Interesting Questions in Information Management? Continued discussion led by Clifford LYNCH.
Mar 8: Clifford LYNCH: Residential Broadband: Policy and Applications Issues.
Mar 15: Kim NORLEN, Gabriel LUCAS, Michael GEBBIE & John CHUANG: TRAVIS: Extraction, Visualization and Analysis of the Telecommunications and Media Ownership Network.
Mar 22: Niels W. LUND, Norway, Maribeth BACK, Polle ZELLWEGER, Kine Anette JOHNSEN, & Silje MILJETEIG: The Document Academy: Exploring the Future of Documents.
Mar 29: Spring Recess: No Seminar Meeting.
Apr 5: Clifford LYNCH: How to characterize databases/collections.
Apr 12: Merrilee PROFFITT, The Research Libraries Group: RLG Cultural Materials.
April 19: Avi RAPPOPORT, Search Engine Consultant, Can P2P Search Engines Work in the Real World?
Apr 26: Howard BESSER, UCLA: Adaptive User Interfaces; and Digital Divide Issues.
May 3: Gary MADDEN & Russel COOPER, Curtin University: Network Externalities and the Internet. Paper.
May 10: Yueh Ying HSU & Kyungmin KIM: WhereIS: A locating service.
    Also Mikael GLEONNOC, France: The Collective Structuring of Innovation: What is the Synergy Between Social and Technical Networks?
May 17: Jim MICHALKO & Judith BUSH, Research Libraries Group: Implementation Grant for "Union Catalog on the Web".

The next scheduled meeting of the Seminar is August 30.
Summaries of Spring 2002 presentations. Fall 2001 schedule. Fall 2002 schedule.