School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access. Fall 1999.

 Instructors: Clifford Lynch and Michael Buckland
 3 units. CCN# 42742. Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall.
  or (510) 642 3159.

Friday Aug 27: Julian WARNER, Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast: What should we understand by information technology (and some hints at other questions)?
Sept 3: Clifford LYNCH: Distributed geo-libraries; multilingual IR; ACM DLib conference.
Sept 10: Clifford LYNCH: SIGIR; Sloan conference on history & the web.
Sept 17: Robert WILENSKY: The Berkeley Digital Libraries II project: Re-inventing Scholarly Information Dissemination and Use.
Sept 24: Fabio CRESTANI, Padua, Italy & ICSI: Searching the Web using Constrained Spreading Activation.
Oct 1: John CHUANG: Exploiting scale economies in internetworking.
Oct 8: Avi RAPPOPORT: Web search indexing robots. Outline.
Oct 15: Joseph A. BUSCH, Vice President of Information Product Development, Datafusion, San Francisco: From Authority Files to Ontologies: Why Library Science is Still Important.
Oct 22: Cecilia PRESTON: The Acronym Soup of Identifiers.
Oct 29: Beverlee FRENCH, Associate Director for Shared Content, California Digital Library: Providing Access to Virtual Collections.
Nov 5: No Seminar meeting.
Nov 12: Reports from interesting meetings: ASIS; Internet Engineering Task Force; ISKO-France; etc.
Nov 19: Marie TEIXEIRA, Knowledge Engineer, Wind River Systems, Alameda: Meeting Information Needs in a Worldwide Technical Support Organization.
  Also Clifford LYNCH: New National Research Council report The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age.
Nov 26: THANKSGIVING - No seminar.
Dec 3: Presentation of students' projects:
  David CHOTT: Timelines on the Web.
  Jacek PURAT: Preliminary Analysis of term-matching between English-Polish Environmental Dictionary and the General European Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus.
Dec 10: Presentation of students's projects - continued.
  James G. DUNN: Application Service Providers: the provision of computer applications over the Internet.
  Kathryn KADA: Exploring Medical Patient Records.
  Steve LUSSIER: Metadata standards.
  Ann MARSH-FLORES: Analyzing and meeting information needs at the Matsco company.

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