School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
 Schedule - Fall 2006.

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Summaries of presentations.
Friday, August 18: Julian WARNER, Queen's University, Belfast: Forms of Mental Labor in the Feist Judgment.
Sep 1: Clifford LYNCH: Introduction. Cyberinfrastructure Initiatives.
Sep 8: Clifford LYNCH: Cyberinfrastructure (Continued); and Emerging Issues in Digital Stewardship.
Sep 15: Daniel M. RUSSELL, Google Search Quality & User Happiness: What Do People Do When They Use Search Engines? Three Methods To Understand It, And Some Observations.
Sep 22: Peter BRANTLEY, California Digital Library: Virtual Worlds for Teaching and IR.
Sep 29: Kim CARL, Ray LARSON, Vivien PETRAS & Jeanette ZERNEKE: Interface Development for What, Where, When and Who Searching.
    Also Ruth MOSTERN, UC Merced: Visualizing Historical Events Through Interactive Timelines.
Oct 6: Lois WEI: A Scalable Front-stage Service Application for a Non-profit Tutoring Agency. Bernt WAHL: Defining Neighborhoods with Distinct Boundaries. Lincoln CUSHING: Unprocessed Poster Collections at UCB and Suggestions for Improved Access.
Oct 13: Joint Session with the Document Academy Conference.
Oct 20: Bernd FROHMANN and Michael BUCKLAND: What Have Library Schools and I-Schools Forgotten?
Oct 27: Dean AnnaLee SAXENIAN: Comments on the 2nd I-School Conference. Also Alex DAILEY: Virtual Libraries in a Digital World. Also Joseph Lorenzo HALL: Electronic Voting as a Case Study in Supporting Transparency in Digital Democracy.
Nov 3: Jack XU, V-P, eBay Inc.: Architecting to Scale.
Nov 10: No seminar meeting: Veterans' Day.
Nov 17: Judson KING & Diane HARLEY, CSHE: The Influence of Academic Values on Scholarly Publication and Communication Practices.
Nov 24: Thanksgiving. No seminar. Campus closed.
Dec 1: Jim PITMAN: Math People, a Distributed Name Authority System.
Dec 8: Alexis DAILEY: Education in the virtual world.
    Paul COURANT & Abby SMITH: Making Digital Preservation Policy: the National Perspective.
Dec 15: Lois WEI: Berkeley Academics Management System (BAMS)
  Also Bernt WAHL: Who Is In My Neighborhood? Defining Neighborhoods with Distinct Boundaries & Identifying Localized Context.
    The seminar will resume on January 26, 2007.
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