School of Information Management & Systems .
 Formerly School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
  Fall 2002 Schedule

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Instructors: Clifford Lynch and Michael Buckland. Schedule subject to change. Summaries of presentations.

Aug 30: Clifford LYNCH: Introduction. Digital Archiving.
Sept 6: Marc DAVIS: Towards Computational Media: Metadata for Media Automation and Reuse.
Sept 13: Clifford LYNCH: Issues in Digital Archiving and Preservation: Current Project Initiatives.
Sept 20: Mikael GLEONNOC, Visiting Scholar, SIMS: Supporting Strategic Alliances in a Network of Partners: a New Challenge for Information Systems.
Sept 27: Clifford LYNCH: Digital Rights Management, Research, and the Higher Education Community.
Oct 4: Avi RAPPOPORT, Search Engine Consultant, Developments in the Enterprise Search Industry.
    Clifford LYNCH: What's Become of the Digital Library?
Oct 11: Daniel GREENSTEIN, California Digital Library: Building Towards the User's Vision of the 21st Century Research Library.
Oct 18: Maggie EXON, Curtin University: Democratizing Metadata: Should Those who Create Documents Write their Own Metadata?
Oct 25: Michael BUCKLAND: Events as Information.
Nov 1: Lewis LANCASTER: Update: Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative.
Nov 8: Students' Progress Reports:   Behrang MOHIT: Information Extraction using FrameNet and WordNet.
    Emily LIGGETT: Interfaces Designed for the Visualization of Complex Relationships.
    Grace JEON: Applying MPEG7 to a DigitalChem Project.
    Luis VILLAFANA: Design of a Maintenance and Operations Recommender (MORE).
Nov 15: Doug OARD, University of Maryland: Searching Spoken Word Collections.
Nov 22: Fredric GEY, UCDATA, and Ray LARSON: Recent Developments in Information Retrieval.
Dec 13: Students' Final Progress Reports.
    Grace JEON: Digitalchem - Applying MPEG7 to Lecture Video Search Engine.
    Behrang MOHIT: Information Extraction using FrameNet and WordNet.
    Luis Villafana: Design of a Maintenance and Operations Recommender (MORE).
Summaries of Fall 2002 presentations.
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