IS295 Doctoral Colloquium -- Fall 2001/Spring 2002

Course Overview: Colloquia, discussion and readings designed to introduce students to the range of interests of the School. This is the continuation of the Ph.D. Research Workshop (IS296A-3) from Spring 2001.  Organized in a workshop format, we will discuss the research process, tools for effective research, written and oral communication.  Through readings, discussion, writing, presentation, and peer review, the course will assist students in their preparation of a research manuscript (for a journal, conference or qualifying exam) or a thesis or grant proposal.  This semester's theme is "What is information management and systems research?"

Prerequisite: PhD standing in SIMS.

Meeting schedule and location:
Fall 2001: selected Mondays, 12:30-2pm, SH107
Spring 2002: selected Thursdays, 2-3:30pm, SH107

Here is the tentative meeting schedule:
Date Topic Facilitator/Presentor Links
Aug 27 Overview and Logistics John Assignment 1
Sep 10 Disciplinary vs. Interdisciplinary Research John
Sep 24 Paper Discussion: "Paris Metro Pricing for the Internet" Michal/Fredrik Reading
Oct 8 Practice Talk: E-privacy in 2nd generation E-Commerce: privacy preferences versus actual behavior Jens Grossklags Reading Material
Oct 22 Discussion of Forum Proposal Alessandro/Nicolas
Oct 29 Practice Talk: Conditioning Prices on Purchase History Alessandro
Dec 3 Practice Talk: A new design philosophy for the email habitat: rationale and plans for future research Nicolas
Jan 14 Quals practice talk Alessandro
Jan 31 Discussion: SIMS Research Toolkit/Expertise John
Feb 14 Paper Discussion: "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" by Claude Shannon; PhD Committee (Marti Hearst) John paper
Feb 28 Discussion: Economics of Information Security Charis/Rachna
Mar 14 Faculty Seminar AnnaLee Saxenian Reading (brief, full)
Apr 4 Faculty Seminar -- Cancelled
Apr 18 Faculty Seminar Warren Sack Readings
May 2 Faculty Seminar Deirdre Mulligan (Boalt)

The meeting dates are tentatively scheduled for once every fortnight.  However, everyone should keep the meeting timeslot available for all weeks, so that we can schedule additional meetings and/or reschedule existing meetings as the need arises.

Everyone is expected to facilitate at least one meeting per semester.  You can (i) do a practice talk for a conference presentation or thesis proposal, (ii) lead a discussion on a research paper that you (or your classmates) have identified in assignment 1, (iii) lead a discussion on a topic that we didn't have time to cover last semester, (iv) lead a discussion on work-in-progress that you wish to receive feedback on, etc.

The discussion leader for each week should send pointers to relevant background material to the mailing list <>, or make copies and distribute them to the group if no online version is available.  You can pre-distribute a list of discussion questions as well.  Please plan to have these materials distributed at least 48 hours before the meeting, so that everyone can come to the meetings prepared.

Please send comments and corrections regarding this course to