R. Alexander Miłowski


School of Information, UC Berkeley

Console Basics

Firefox, Safari, and Chrome all have developer tools:

You can also right-click and choose Inspect Element.

Testing in IE

Check out https://www.modern.ie/


Most awesome testing site ever!


  1. Pick a page on your site.
  2. Submit the URL.
  3. Examine the results.
  4. What can be improved?

Exercise: Understanding Network / Timelines

We'll example http://www.mesonet.info/services/barnes2.xhtml

...mostly because I know the exact resources it will access.

You can do this with any web page / site.

Mobile Testing

Exercise with Safari:

  1. Enable Settings → Safari → Advanced → Web Inspector
  2. Connect your phone/ipad/etc. to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Open Safari
  4. In the Develop menu your phone should be listed.