Pitching Projects

R. Alexander Miłowski


School of Information, UC Berkeley

Presenting Information

Two essential rules:

  1. We can't pay attention to anything more than 10 minutes so do something different & interesting often.
  2. 2 minutes per slide, people!

See Brain Rules

Note: I try not to violate these rules but, ... *sigh*, ... I do.

What you MUST do!

Only one of:

  1. pitch a project
  2. pitch yourself

in one or two slides. Two slides maximum!

That is 4 minutes per person, folks!

Use Slidy

You must use our HTML-based slide format because we're not switching laptops, projectors, applications, etc.

...but you all are experts on HTML now!

<div class="slide">
   <h1>My Project Idea</h1>
      <li>cat videos</li>
      <li>everyone loves them!</li>
   <h2>But what about pictures:</h2>
   <img src="Scottish-wildcat-MS3000TIFF-small.jpeg"/>

Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project

...we are working to map the landscape of publications about Pompeii onto the space of the ancient city itself, creating a unified, bi-directional interface to both resources.

Possible goal: take extracts of data from the various GIS systems and unify them on the Web using Leaflet, Open Street Maps, and other geospatial mapping techniques.

Water Conservation

Possible goal: build a tool to track my overall conservation efforts and visualize my results.

Twist: SFPUC switched from bi-monthly to monthly bills and that is now confusing.

Extension: Users may want to track multiple uses independently.

Weather Data Visualization


and allow users to visualize all measured quantities.

Possible goal: a weather data browser.

Course Organization and Archive

Eating our own dog food.

The school archives classes (e.g. XML and Related Technologies - i290 - 8 / 2004 & i290 - 14 / 2005

Look at the URIs (e.g. this course):

 http://courses.ischool.berkeley.edu/i290-8/s04/ (ancient history ...)

How can we:

Named Entities in State Department Documents

Already into NLP?

10 Minute Slidy Repository

Brain rules in action!

A repository of 5-slide chunks where:

My goal: 10 minutes for science (I'll explain).