NoSQL Database Market

NoSQL = Not Only SQL

R. Alexander Miłowski

School of Information, UC Berkeley

Three top contenders ...

MongoDB MarkLogic Couchbase
Rank 5 24 36
Market Share (2012) 7% 13% 10%
Revenue (2012) $36 / $0.49 $69 / $0.72 $56 / $0.40
Variety JSON JSON, XML, RDF (triples), binary blobs, ... JSON
Query Language Projections with modifiers XQuery, SPARQL, query by example (e.g. for JSON) Configured views (not really a query)
AWS Pricing $100 - $185/GB, less if
you don't care about your data, free developer
$0.99/hr, $8,500/yr, free developer $3000 per node, a mystery behind a saleswall...

Hadoop-NoSQL Software and Services Market Forecast 2012-2017

A good, quick read for the market predictions but is aging fast ...

Gartner Magic Quadrant

CNBC / MarkLogic press release; saleswall to get the report

Let me show you the report ...