Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP)

74,000 reports/h, 53.6 million reports/month, 10,000+ stations, 12GB raw data per month

  1. Important to make the data accessible
  2. within the OWP
  3. usable via mashups or widgets
  4. consumable via visualizations
  5. computable by Web agents
  6. compatible with the Linked Data / Semantic Web

Interpolation process via map / reduce

A simple JavaScript library manages map/reduce in the browser so you can focus on the map and reduce functions.

This is what the OWP is designed to do:

a combination of intrinsic markup and generic JavaScript tooling that provides extensible functionality

Run it live!

For / °

at for minutes

coloring by range (°C, °C)

with quadrangle size °.

Polar vortex - 2014-01-23

22 seconds to render, 13.6 seconds data access.

240 Partitions

Polar vortex animation

Loading ...

68:12m to render