Introduction & Overview

INFO 290TA — Information Organization Lab

R. Alexander Miłowski

School of Information, UC Berkeley

Ramit Malhotra

School of Information, UC Berkeley

Miłowski — things I do

Miłowski — recent

Miłowski — one more thing

I taught here in 2004 and 2005: XML and Related Technologies.

It was a different time. XML was as a good thing.

I'm older, wiser...

XML is still a good thing and so is the Web.

Malhotra — things I do

Malhotra — recent

Class Introductions

The Approach

Overall Goals

In this course we explore:

If you aren't in 202, that's OK. The everything works on its own as well.

There is overlap with 253: Web Architecture but you should find this course organized differently and focused at a different level. That said, you probably don't want to take both at the same time.

Technology Goals

Course Website

Note: Everything is done on the Web using common Web formats (i.e. not PDF). All you should need is a browser. I'll even try to make it work on your phone.

Class Meeting Structure

A rough breakdown of class time:

  1. any pressing issues or questions,
  2. a variety of lectures with slides on each topic (hint: look at them before class),
  3. some time for discussion and/or lab time,
  4. and we'll try to address your questions too.

There will be open topic where we will agree in advance what we will cover. These sessions will be your chance to cover additional topics you want to hear about.


The purpose of homework is to explore a technology and not to punish you.

You must:

If you feel an assignment is too much, let's chat.

There are eight homework assignments: four independent and two 2-part.


There is a final project divided into:

You or your team must present something, briefly, at each stage.

You may do projects independently or as a team of 2-3 people.

Projects must scale to the size of the team.

Projects can span classes. For example, maybe you are in 202 and want to do one project that can satisfy both classes. Also, maybe you want to collaborate with another team of people in 213 for the UI design.

If you do, please let us know so we can help coordinate with the instructor for the other class.

Project Pitches

Don't worry! We'll make this easy as you can:

  1. pick something that we pitch to you all,
  2. pitch a project idea (or two) to the class,
  3. pitch yourself (i.e. your skills).

You must do (2) or (3). If you can't find something to do or someone to partner with, we can get you sorted.

Again, don't worry.

Find something fun to do that interests you and a team of people with whom you want to work.


Upcoming Dates


Questions, comments, suggestions?


Don't run for the door yet...