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Technology & Delegation

Welcome to our repository of case studies, educational resources, academic literature and practical tools centered on the interaction of human and technical systems around values. For privacy, fairness, accessibility or other public policy values, how are decisions delegated to technical architectures?

This repository is a work in progress. For more information about this project or to suggest changes or additions, please contact us.


Tools for addressing values in technical designs.

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: technical standard with testable recommendations for accessibility for a wide range of disabilities.
  • Moving Context Kit (McKit): a kit of worksheets and cards to help designers think through context-shifting scenarios (e.g. same device used in multiple contexts, such as a parent’s tablet being used for work, but also as movie and game device for kids on the go, or for reading ebooks).
  • a crowd-sourced library of privacy design patterns.


Educational resources for teaching privacy and other values.


Research on how and when values are integrated into technical architecture.


The following values are addressed by different resources in this repository:

Accessibility, Fairness, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Security, Well-Being