INFO 290. Sensors, Humans, Data, and Apps

UC Berkeley
School of Information
Fall 2015
Just as the web browser brought us click-stream data and the mobile phone brought us geo-location data, ubiquitous low-cost sensors integrated with wearable and IoT devices will bring us a new torrent of user data to collect, analyze, and exploit. The course takes a hands-on approach to exploring the possibilities and limitations of consumer-grade sensing technologies for brainwave, heart rate, body movement, and other physiological and contextual data. We will survey the literature on the analysis and visualization of bio-sensory data and the design and evaluation of applications that leverage the data. We will collect and analyze our own data using a variety of devices. We will consider new business models and data stewardship issues, including data ownership and data privacy. Project work can be undertaken in a variety of application domains, such as affective computing, ambient assisted living, biometric authentication, home robotics, neuro-marketing, privacy by design, quantified self, and novel user interface technologies.

Project 2 Presentations on Dec 7 2015

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Meeting Time

    Mondays and Fridays 3:30pm-5pm in 202 South Hall


Teaching Assistant

Registration Information

    CCN: 41623
    Units: 3
    Pre-requisite: INFO206 or equivalent

Tentative Grading Criteria

    Assignments: 30%
    Project 1: 30%
    Project 2: 30%
    Participation: 10%

Academic Integrity

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