This seminar will cover the practice of designing, implementing and evaluating computing applications in the rural developing world. The focus will be on understanding real applications, with the help of insights from a number of guest lecturers with significant experience in the field. We will initially focus on two application domains, agriculture and public health, but may include other topics based on student interest and as time allows.

Professor: Tapan Parikh, 303B South Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays from 2-4 PM

Class meets on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 PM in 202 South Hall, between September 2nd and November 4th. ** Please note the room change! **

As a seminar class, the workload will be fairly light. Students will be expected to have done the assigned reading (if any) before each class, participate actively in discussion, and post short blog entries describing their reaction to each lecture. In addition, for particularly motivated and/or interested students, there will be opportunities to lead class sessions. There may also be some in-class group brainstorming exercises and short assignments during the final two weeks.

Grades will be determined primarily by a student's class participation, including the questions they ask, their involvement in group discussions and activities, and the quality and regularity of their blog postings. Students who lead class sessions will receive additional consideration.

Readings will be posted to the course schedule in advance of the class. All readings will be provided online, some with restricted access.

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