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IS290-7 Information Technology Economics, Strategy, and Policy

Fall 2008

Course Description: Application of economic principles, from microeconomics, game theory, industrial organization, information economics, and behavioral economics, to analyze business strategies and public policy issues surrounding information technologies and IT industries. Topics include: economics of information goods, economics of search, economics of networks, economics of peer production, economics of security and privacy.

Units: 2

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required for non-majors.

Meeting Time: Mondays 3:30-5:30pm in 202 South Hall (First meeting on Sep 8, 2008)

    Prof. John Chuang
    Office: 510-642-7253
    Office hours: Wednesdays 3-4 (SH303A) and by appointment

Tentative Grading Criteria

  • Discussion leader (questions, facilitation, and summary) 15%
  • Contribution of project ideas to class blog 5%
  • Project proposal 10%
  • Project presentation and/or poster 15%
  • Project final report 40%
  • Class participation (in-class and on-line) 15%

For more details, see course logistics page.

Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Policy/Etiquette

Please remember to turn off or silence your phones and computers (and other alarms) before each class meeting. We request that you sit in the last row if you want to read news, reply to email, etc., on your computer. We will subtract i points from your class participation score the i-th time your phone/computer rings in class during the semester. No exceptions.

Academic Integrity Policy

Discussion with instructors and classmates is allowed/encouraged, but each student must turn in individual, original work and cite appropriate sources where appropriate

Code of Student Conduct: http://students.berkeley.edu/sas/SJA/index.htm