Document Engineering

Infosys 290 - Section 4: Document Engineering (South Hall 202: MW 12:40-2)

Robert J. Glushko

School of Information Management and Systems

Recommended Texts:

Document Engineering, Robert J. Glushko and Tim McGrath , MIT Press, draft manuscript

Learning XML (2nd Edition), Eric Ray , O'Reilly, 0-596-00420-6


This three-unit course introduces a new discipline of 'Document Engineering' for specifying, designing, and deploying the electronic documents that serve as the interfaces to e-business applications and web-based services. It is natural to conceptualize the business relationships between enterprises as document exchanges, and XML, with its ability to define formal structural and semantic definitions for electronic documents, has rapidly emerged as a key enabling technology as e-business and web services take hold on the Internet. After introducing XML syntax, styles and transformations, and schema languages, a substantial part of the course is devoted to teaching students practical skills for designing and implementing the documents that enable information-intensive or document-centric transactions and applications. These skills include: developing information requirements, analyzing existing documents, identifying and organizing document components, implementing XML schemas, modeling business processes, specifying business processes and service interfaces using XML schemas, and 'choreographing' complex chains of document exchanges for multi-company business activities.

Grades will be based on class participation and on several take-home assignments, the last of which will be completed by a team of students. There are no exams and no final project.

This course is complemented by Infosys 290-8, XML and Related Technologies, but the courses are NOT tightly coupled and 290-8 can be taken without Document Engineering as a pre- or co-requisite.


  1. 01/21: Introduction to Document Engineering and XML     (PDF version)
  2. 01/26: XML's Big Ideas; XML Syntax     (PDF version)


    Document Engineering, Chapter 2

    Learning XML, Chapter 1 (pages 1-28 only) and Chapter 2

  3. 01/28: XML Syntax; XML Transformation and Styling; XPath     (PDF version)


    Learning XML, Chapter 5 (pages 165-172 only) and Chapter 6 (205-217 only)

  4. 02/02: XPath and XSLT     (PDF version)


    Learning XML, Chapter 7


    Assignment 2 (due 2/9): XPath and XSLT  (this file is A2.html, generated by transform from A2.xml)     A2.xml    Report.dtd    XSLT-Example1.xsl    XSLT-Example2.xsl    XSLT-Example3.xsl
  5. 02/04: XML Schemas and Validation    (PDF version)


    Learning XML, Chapter 3 (78-89 only), Chapter 4 (108-122, 132-139 only)

  6. 02/09: XSD, part 1    (PDF version)


  7. 02/11: XSD, part 2    (PDF version)
  8. 02/18: Models, Patterns, and Reuse    (PDF version)
  9. 02/23: Business Patterns, Part 1    (PDF version)


    Line56 E-business Ecosystem ( LOCAL COPY

    Federal Trade Commission. Entering the 21st Century: Competition Policy in the World of B2B Electronic Marketplaces. Part 1: Overview of B2B Electronic Marketplaces (pages 1-11).

    Part 2: Efficiencies of B2B Electronic Marketplaces. (pages 1-13)

  10. 02/25: Business Patterns, Part 2    (PDF version)


    The ManageMentor. Build-to-Order Model for Success (part 1)

    The ManageMentor. Build-to-Order Model for Success (part 2)

    Helper & MacDuffie. The Evolution of B2B: Lessons from the Auto Industry. Knowledge@Wharton, Nov-Dec 2001 ( LOCAL COPY

    Mesmer. Compuware to acquire Covisint B2B exchange.,10801,89896,00.html

    Penn State Center for Supply Chain Research. The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains. (2-page summary of Lee, Padmanabhan, & Whang. Sloan Management Review, Spring 1997, 93-102). LOCAL COPY

    Koch. It All Began With Drayer. CIO, August 1, 2002.

    Comergent Corporation. The Business Case for Demand Chain Management ( LOCAL COPY

  11. 03/01: Business Patterns, Part 3    (PDF version)


    Chen. Faces Test for Continuing Growth. Wall Street Journal, 17 February 2004. LOCAL COPY

    Marti. SAP and the Online Procurement Market. Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Case # EC-5, March 2000. [skim or skip 7-8 ("The Online Procurement Opportunity") and everything after page 11 (starting with "Ariba Inc. Overview")]. LOCAL COPY

  12. 03/03: Co-Evolution of Business Patterns and Enabling Technologies    (PDF version)


    Downes. The Strategy Machine. Chapter 4, The Information Supply Chain. LOCAL COPY

    Hancock, Korsten & Pohle. On Demand Business: The New Agenda for Value Creation.

  13. 03/08: Web Services    (PDF version)


    Glushko. The Plug-and-Play Economy.

    Dunn. A Manager's Guide to Web Services (eaiJournal, January 2003)

    Kreger. Web Services Conceptual Architecture (WSCA 1.0). May 2001.

  14. 03/10: XML Vocabularies [1]    (PDF version)
  15. 03/15: XML Vocabularies [2]    (PDF version)


    The XML Common Business Library. "What is xCBL?" and "xCBL 4.0 Final Release - List of Documents"

    Universal Business Language (UBL): The Next Step for Global E-Commerce.

    Cracraft. "Interoperability Examples"

    Fox. "Active Information Models for Data Transformation." EAI Journal, May 2003.

    Kotok. "Interoperate or Evaporate"

  16. 03/17: The Document Engineering Approach / Mid-Semester Review    (PDF version)
  17. 03/29: The Document Engineering Approach; Requirements    (PDF version)


    Document Engineering, Chapter 5 (March 22 revision)

    Wiegers. Usable Requirements: Habits of Effective Analysts. Software Development, October 2000. LOCAL COPY

  18. 03/31: Business Process Analysis    (PDF version)


    Cousins and Stewart. What is Business Process Design and Why Should I Care?

    Clark and Hayes (Eds.). Business Process and Business Information Analysis Overview. Section 8, The Analysis Process (pages 18-27)

    Pelz. Web Services Orchestration. (pages 1-9)

  19. 04/05: Business Process Modeling [1]    (PDF version)


    ebXML Business Process Analysis Worksheets & Guidelines. Read Section 5 (Objectives), Section 6 (Worksheet Based Analysis Overview, pages 10-11, lines 242-269), and for the worksheet sections 7,8, 10, and 11 read the goals and familiarize yourself with the types of worksheets.

    RosettaNet Catalog of Clusters

    RosettaNet Order Management Cluster

    RosettaNet Segment 3A: Quote and Order Entry

    RosettaNet PIP 3A4: Request Purchase Order

  20. 04/07: Business Process Modeling [2]    (PDF version)


    ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (v 1.01). (pages 10-46).

    Leymann and Roller. Business Processes in a Web Services World: A Quick Overview of BPEL4WS.

  21. 04/12: Document Analysis [1]     (PDF version)


    Garvey, Gratacos, Klemperer-Johnson, and Leon. COURSE Project Final Report.(read up to section 2.3, "Document Modeling")

    Raymond and Tompa. "Hypertext and the Oxford English Dictionary." LOCAL COPY

    Glushko, Weaver, Coonan, and Lincoln. "Hypertext Engineering." LOCAL COPY (you can skip "The Compendium on Compact Disc" and "Implementation Issues" on pages 13-15) .

  22. 04/14: Document Analysis [2]     (PDF version)
  23. 04/19: Document Analysis [3]     (PDF version)



  24. 04/21: Document Component Design    (PDF version)


    Document Engineering, Chapter 9

    Event Modeling for the Campus-Wide Event Calendar     (PDF)     (HTML)

  25. 04/26: Document Model Assembly    (PDF version)
  26. 04/28: Using XML Specifications to Design and Drive Applications [1]    (PDF version)     Adam Blum's presentation on "Best Practices in SOAs"


    Sprott & Wilkes.   Understanding Service-oriented Architecture.    January 2004.

    Do. XML Applications and Web Services.   IDEAlliance XML 2002 Conference, December 2002

    Above All Software.   Beyond Integration: Assembling Business Solutions from Web Services.    October 2003.

  27. 05/03: Using XML Specifications to Design and Drive Applications [2]    (PDF version)


    E-Forms for E-Gov Pilot Team Final Report.    September 2003.

    McKenna.   Managing Multiple XML Schemas in the UK's Inland Revenue.   IDEAlliance XML 2002 Conference, December 2002

  28. 05/05: Management and Strategy Issues    (PDF version)


    Scannell.   IBM delivers SOA enablers   Infoworld, 21 April 2004.

    Paulk.   Effective CMM-Based Process Improvement   Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Software Quality, Ottawa, Canada, 28-31 October 1996, pp. 226-237.


    Assignment 10 (ungraded, due 5/10): Document Engineering in the News.

    Find a news story (published since 1/1/2004) from any source and post to "" (a) its URL or source citation if not on the web, (b) a one sentence summary of the story, and (c) why it qualifies as "Document Engineering in the News."

  29. 05/10: Discussion of Assignment 9; Course Wrap-Up    (PDF version)


    Accelerating RosettaNet (LOCAL COPY )

    I promised you on January 21 that we'd take a final exam together on the last day of class. Everything in this story should make perfect sense or we have failed.