Project Review

Review of Topics and Projects


Jensen's Matrix

Planning Discussion

Bill King's Presentation

Content Management (?)

Cubs vs. Giants

Appropriateness Matrix

Journal of Electronic Publishing, University of Michigan

Jensen's Matrix, Article

"Cost recovery is destiny."

Developing a Plan




Capabilities of Current Technology

What are the core requirements?

What is the Feasibility/Risk involved in your approach?

How to balance Complexity and Control



How to organize the information

How will you or anyone develop the information?

What about Packaging and Presentation?

What sources are there for the information?


How can you describe the user?

How many different groups of users are there?

Who values this product?

What kind of experience does the user have?

What kind of interface is appropriate?

What kind of tasks do they want to perform?

Business Organization

How do the goals of project fit with the organization?

What are the risks and benefits?

What are the costs and commitment?

How can I get the support I need?

What kind of staffing is needed?

How to prepare for marketing and sales

How to target channels of distribution