Electronic Publishing

SIMS 290

Instructor: Dale Dougherty

URL: www.sims.berkeley.edu/courses/is290-2/f98

Email list: epub@sims.berkeley.edu

Archive: www.sims.berkeley.edu/courses/is290-2/f98/epub/


  1. Key Developments: Three Visionaries
  2. Key Technology Trends
  3. Project Development Concepts
  4. The Architecture of Web Publishing
  5. Project Review -- Jensen's Matrix
  6. Audience Assessment
  7. Information Design
  8. Metrics
  9. Planning
  10. XML and Information-centric Applications


Title Team Proposal Plan Prototype Final
Historic Walking Tour of Oakland
D. McMahon  
B. Stone  
Universal Locator Project
R. Murtha  
J. Lee  
Q. Mao  



B. Chun  
H. Hernandez  
Web Art Project S.Prescott Y      
Suffragists Speak
C. Anderson  
A. Kirch  
R. Lack  
S. Thomas  
Turkish Dictionary A. Kuntay Y      
Russian Women Writers A. Marsh-Flores Y      



Name Topic Overview      
R. Lack Text-encoding Initiative (TEI) Y      
D. McMahon High Bandwidth Solutions and their impact on EP Y      
K. Falk Electronic Books Y      
M. Shamma Personalization and Content Applications Y      
S. Prescott Future of Vector Graphics on the Web Y      
Q. Mao Search Engines Y      
H. Hernandez Electronic Books and Knowledge Management Systems Y      
J. Lee Synchronized Multimedia Y      
C.Anderson Palm Pilots Y      
B. Chun Annotation Systems Y      
A. Kirch PDAs and Education Y      
A. Marsh Flores CD-ROMs in the Classroom Y      




Date Class Topic Due Additional
09/28 Project Review: discussion of proposals and planning process. Tech Overview Begin reading "Information Architecture"
10/05 Audience Analysis; Assessment Comparative Analysis; Research; Schedule  
10/12 Information Design User Assessment  
10/19 Metrics, Feedback, Usability Testing Topic Paper Dan Greening of LikeMinds to talk about personalization
10/26 Project Review: in-class review of prototype or storyboard Draft of Product Development Plan.  
11/02 Publishing Business   Lorrie LeJeune, Journal of Electronic Publishing
11/09 Project Costs; Marketing   Craig Cline, Seybold
11/16 No Class Rough Budget  
11/23 Project Presentations   Fran Maier, Women.com
11/30 Project Presentations    

Comparative Analysis -- find several examples of existing projects that have at least some of the same or similar elements as your project. Compare these projects to yours, contrasting how you might do some things differently.

Research -- find several articles in Journal of Electronic Publishing or through sunsite.berkeley.edu/Info, or Current Cites that help you establish outside perspectives for your project.

Schedule -- list the important milestones in your project and assign due dates



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