School of Information Management & Systems
Previously School of Library & Information Studies

Infosys 290:2. Special topics: Information in societies.
Instructor: Michael Buckland. Tutor: Lucy Kuntz. Tu, Th 9:30 - 11:00 am. Barrows 144. CC# 52118. Schedule to be added later.

The course will explore the creation, dissemination, management, and use of information in society for economic, political, and social purposes. These purposes include efficiency, competitive advantage, political agenda, and the construction of cultural identity. (On cultural uses of information we will pick up some of the topics addressed in LIS 142 American cultural heritages). Information-related institutions and infrastructure and their social dimensions will be examined.

Each student will be expected to use the class to explore a topic related to his or her own academic program, so the topics explored will reflect the interests of the students and of the instructor, including, for example, a recently funded study of how integration in the European Community is affecting the representation of the cultural heritages of member states. Comparison of information phenomena and polices across significantly different social, political, and cultural contexts will be encouraged.

Examination of sources of information for students' individual studies. A combination of lecture, seminar-style discussion, and individual project for:

i. Graduate students in International and Area Studies programs;

ii. Doctoral students in Information Management & Systems fields #8 Information Policy and "macro" aspects of #1 Information users and society;

iii. Other graduate students interested in the role of information in society and/or international, area, and cross-cultural studies.

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