Charter Assignment – Part 1

Due September 6, 2006


The Project Charter document (hereinafter, Charter) serves several purposes:


1.      It is a sales tool for you to use to convey the importance of your project to the Project Selection Team.

2.      It is a planning tool that helps the Project Selection Team decide which projects will be most beneficial in meeting an organization’s strategic goals.

3.      It is an analysis tool to assist you in identifying critical information needed to ensure the success of your project.

4.      It is a communication tool that facilitates consensus building with all stakeholders in the project.

5.      It provides an authorization mechanism; a signed Charter authorizes the Project Team to begin work on the project.

6.      It documents all steps taken that lead to approval or denial of the Charter.



Review these four charters. Write a few paragraphs about which projects you would accept based on the charter and why.


·         Ethnography Project



  • Software Project



  • Brandeis PeopleSoft Charter



  • California Child Support Automation Project Charter