Effective Communication and Career Management (the Secrets of Consulting)

IS290-2 (1 unit)

Professor Robert Glushko

School of Information Management & Systems

University of California, Berkeley

Fall 2003: Wednesday, 2-3 pm, 205 South Hall

"Consulting" is both a profession and an attitude toward effective communication and career management. We'll discuss and practice practical skills like making yourself marketable, identifying prospective projects and clients, proposing and selling "doable" projects, managing your managers and your clients, and getting credit (and avoiding blame) for project outcomes.

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August 27 What is Consulting? Plan for the Course
September 3 Reflecting on your "Consulting" Experience
September 10 The Consulting Persona
September 17 Consulting From the Client's Perspective Peter Charles, Ajay Sreekranth
September 24 GUEST CONSULTANT Larry Downes
October 1 Defining Your Consulting Niche Megan Finn, Florence Gee
October 8 Essential Skills (Part 1) Allison Bloodworth, Bob Daly, Amy Todenhagen, Lauren Wilkinson
October 15 Essential Skills (Part 2)
October 22 Developing Expertise and Reputation; Networking Mary Hodder, Scott McMullan
October 29 Finding Business; Relationship Selling Zhanna Shamis, Ryan Shaw
November 5 Writing a Winning Proposal; Establishing Fees Kate Ahern, Jeannie Yang
November 12 Managing a Consulting Engagement Mayjane Co, Joshua Solomin, Margaret Tong
November 19 Distinctive Aspects of Technology Consulting Shane Ahern, Mikhail Avrekh
November 24 Managing Your Client Portfolio Vam Makam, Fredrik Wallenberg, Annie Yeh
December 3 Ethics, Integrity, and Walking the Walk Aaron Brick, Kristine Gual

This will be an informal and practical course. Students must actively engage in class discussions, and each student will assist the instructor as the lead discussant(s) for one session. No prior consulting experience is required.

Textbook: The Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving & Getting Advice Successfully. Gerald Weinberg.