IS 290-17: User Interface Design Tools


Homework 4 - Due Tuesday May 8th by 11:59pm
Flash Basics

Create a 10 second movie using the techniques we’ve learned in class.
Feel free to modify this .fla file & code: part2.fla

Please include:

  • At least one motion or shape tween.
  • Play & Stop buttons.
    • The movie shouldnt play until the user hits the play button
    • The stop button should make the movie stop where it is.
  • Please make sure your movie does NOT loop (put a stop on the last frame).
  • Please make sure your movie is not larger than 400 x 300 pixels.
  • Turn in 2 copies:
    1. The original .fla so I can view your work
    2. A compressed .swf file so I can add it to the class website
  • Turn in the homework by uploading it to our dropbox
    • Please name your files HW4_Lastname.html
    • Mine would be "HW4_Hankin.html"

Homework 3- Due Tuesday April 3rd by 3:30pm
Create a Webpage

View the resources page for HTML & CSS tutorials & examples.

You can create a page for whatever purpose you'd like, but creating a homepage for your personal website or portfolio, or a class project is recommended.

Use whatever HTML editor you feel most comfortable with or feel free to just use a text editor like we have in class (we will review Dreamweaver on 3/20)

Please include:

  • Navigational links
    • doesn't need to actually link to other pages, you can use < a href="#">
      in place of actual URLs
  • Formatted Text
    • you can use greeked text for large areas of content - see HW2 for a greeking
  • A nested table
    • you can use nested tables for your page layout
  • CSS
    • external, internal, or inline
    • include 1 redefined tag (format an existing tag, such as <p>)
    • include 1 new class (create a new class such as .newclass)
  • And, please, clean your code! Especially if you use a WYSIWYG editor!
    This means:
    1. Indent your code for readability, like I've demonstrated in class
    2. Remove all empty tags
    3. Close all tags that need to be closed, and make sure all of your TD's are
      accounted for (same number in each TR, be careful of rowspans and
  • Turn in the homework by uploading it to our dropbox
    • Please name your files HW3_Lastname.html
    • Mine would be "HW3_Hankin.html"
    • Upload images as necessary
Try checking your page on multiple browsers. This will uncover issues with your
code since some browsers are more forgiving than others.

CSS will greatly reduce the amount of code you’ll use, so please consider using it!

Homework 2 - Due Tuesday March. 6th by 3:30pm
Create a Wireframe

Create a wireframe using the Illustrator techniques we learned in class.
(See my example wireframe for the iSchool homepage:
right click & save this as "" - otherwise it will save as a .pdf

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Choose a page from the list below (or choose your own page) & create a wireframe
    in Illustrator.

  • Start with an 800x600 artboard size. If your website is too wide, scale it down to fit in
    this window. You do not need to capture the entire vertical screen, just what will fit in
    a 600 pixel page. (if you scale your screen shot down and it is 800 x 720, you can
    ignore the bottom 120 pixels).
  • Please take a screen shot of the real site and put it on its own layer in the background
    and lock it. Create another layer on top of this one and draw your wireframe here (use
    the screen shot as a guide to create your wireframe).
  • Use shapes to symbolize images, and backgrounds. Try to match the overall layout
    (including the text font & size) & UI of the page you choose.
  • You do not need to use colors, a grayscale image is fine. Please do underline links if
    they are presented this way on the website.
  • While you should use the real text for categories and high level navigation, you do not
    need to use the exact text for site content. Instead you may use ‘greeked’ text to
    symbolize content on the site ( will
    generate greeked text). See my example for more info.
  • Turn in the homework by uploading it to our dropbox
    • Please name your files
    • Mine would be ""


Homework 1 - Due Tuesday Feb. 20th by 3:30pm
Create a Postcard

Create a postcard using the Photoshop techniques we learned in class.
(See my example postcard: example.jpg | example.psd)

Please make sure to include the following criteria:

  • The image should be 5x7 or 7x5 inches & 72dpi
  • Use at least 5 layers. Please name them!
    1. One layer must be a Background (transform the layer into a background layer)
    2. One layer must be text
    3. Make three more layers using images imported from other sources
      Use the selection tools, extraction, or masking techniques we reviewed in class
  • Apply an effect to at least one layer - for example, add a drop shadow on your text
  • Turn in 2 copies:
    1. The original .psd so I can view the layers
    2. A flattened & 'optimized for the web' .jpg
  • Turn in the homework by uploading it to our dropbox
    • Please name your files HW1_Lastname.psd and HW1_firstnamelastname.jpg
    • Mine would be "HW1_Hankin.psd"
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