Composition of Schemata & The Modeling Process

R. Alexander Milowski

milowski at sims.berkeley.edu


Schema Composition






Example of Import


Import Chains


Three Simple Rules for the Instance

  1. Global declarations require qualified name in the instance.

  2. Local declarations are unqualified unless you specifically say otherwise.

  3. If your declaration requires a qualified name, the namespace is the value of the 'targetNamespace' of the document where the declaration occurs.


Import Chains Example


Import Chains and the Instance


Local Elements and Importing


A Rainbow of Namespaces


Switching Gears..

Now it is time to switch gears to something completely different but related!


The Modeling Process

The goals for this lecture and discussion are as follows:


Developing vs. Encoding

  1. Developing a model involves understanding the domain, context, use, and conflicts to develop some rational model of a domain within some application.

  2. Encoding a model is where you translate (1) into effective schemata that can be used to create or check instances and also drive processes.


Cheating is OK


Relational Database Modeling


Data Dictionaries


The Document Engineering Approach

  1. Analyze the context of use.

  2. Analyze the business process.

  3. Apply patterns to process models.

  4. Analyze documents.

  5. Analyze document components.

  6. Assemble document components.

  7. Assemble document models.

  8. Implement process and document models.