Assignment 7 - due on 04/14 [xhtml]

In the netbeans project for this assignment there is an OASIS XML Catalog named catalog.xml for the schemas in this assignment. You may want to mount this catalog into Netbeans so you can validate via Netbeans. You must make the two XML documents valid according to the following descriptions:

  1. Complete the part-list.xsd schema to make part-list.xml document valid. You may not change the part-list.xml document and you may not change the content model for 'part-list'. To do this, you must use type extension and substitution groups.

  2. You need to write a schema for the product-description.xml. I've started this schema for you as product-description.xsd

    You must use my XHTML schema xhtml.xsd for the XHTML elements in this document. Further, you must extend the substitution group to allow the non-XHTML elements where they exist in the above document. That is, when you define those elements, you must make them either part of the xhtml:inline or xthml:block substitution groups.

    You may not change my XHTML schema.

    In the product-description.xsd schema document, I've already defined the 'description' element correctly so don't change that definition. You can inline that element declaration if you prefer to have that element declared locally.

    Also, note that if you just validate this instance as I've given it to you, you'll see that it doesn't complain about the XHTML elements as they are already defined and imported in the schema I gave you.