Assignment 5 - due on 03/08 [xhtml]

Here is a netbeans project that contains a slightly modified version of the mouse-annotation.xml document from assignment #2. This document has been changed to use a single namespace. For this document, do the following:

  1. Write an XML schema for all the content observed in this document. Your schema must be valid according to the XML schema specification. This can be checked by clicking on the "validate" icon when you are editing the schema in Netbeans. You can make any assumption about optionality and occurrences as long as this document validates (see #4).

  2. Create an OASIS XML Catalog for this schema. You should be able to create the catalog in the project via "File->New". All you need to do is add one 'uri' element to the catalog that associates the namespace of the document with your schema file.

  3. Mount that catalog under 'XML Entity Catalogs' on the 'Runtime" tab in Netbeans. You should see your namespace appear when you expand the catalog.

  4. Validate the mouse-annotation.xml document using your schema by clicking on the "validate" icon while editing the document. This should find your schema from (1) via the catalog you mounted in (3). You should not get any errors. If you do get errors, you need to fix (1), (2), or (3).

This assignment will be graded based on whether the document mouse-annotation.xml is valid against your schema. Assume the document is correct and you cannot change it. You must make your schema conform to this instance and the structure of the markup contained within.

Please turn in a zip file of the whole netbeans project with your catalog and schema in the same directory as the mouse-annotation.xml file.