November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Shall I Dance? :: Final Progress

Project Members: 
Laura Greig
Wenhua Shi


Given the comments made in class and during our meeting, we decided to add body input to complete the feedback loop. Keeping the eyes free is still very important, particularly to maintain the accessibility applications, so providing feedback is difficult. There are many compelling ways to take information on the dancer. Shadow-based motion detection adds a beautiful visual element and is easier/less cumbersome than accelerometors or other methods. On-board temperature detection could provide more abstract feedback on how the dancer is feeling, whether they are moving too much for the comfort level, or not enough. Shoe mounted FSRs are another path, but again, very cumbersome. 

Potential feedback loop:

Music -> Vibrate pulse -> body motion -> motion capture (through video) -> "verification pulse" (or lack of) -> temperature/heartbeat regulation -> choice of music.


• Wearable harness: 6-9x vibrate motors, Arduino: attaches magnetically to any clothing.
• Max MSP application: performs beat analysis, takes input from temperature sensors.
• Processing application: provides visual feedback for sighted dancers. 

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