November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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The Fidget Pet

Project Members: 
Igor P


To build an interactive fidgeting tool

Interaction Loop

The user picks up the fidgeting tool. He plays with the tool for a
certain amount of time. The fidgeting tool is aware of how long it is
being used and changes accordingly.


A day-to-day item that may be normally used for fidgeting, such as a
pen, a squeeze ball, or a Magic Cube, can be modified to provide
tangible feedback. This feedback will alert the user of how long they
have been fidgeting. For example, we may enhance a Magic Cube with
displays such that each composite face of the cube displays a different
2-3 word sequence every time you flip it. These words could partially
draw on the phrases and words in the user’s To-Do list, such that the
user’s memory is triggered. Other possible displays are random images
from the Internet or the user's photo album, or to have every side of
the cube transform to one uniform color (red) after a certain continuous
fidgeting period to alert the user of how long he has been fidgeting. On
the other hand, after a certain period of neglect, the fidgeting tool
transforms to a different uniform color (blue) to attract the user’s
attention. The purpose is to stimulate the user’s “random path thinking”
while daydreaming, and to break the monotony of the working day.


Display system
Fidgeting tool (ie. Magic Cube:, bouncy ball)
A method for waterproofing the circuitry
Arduino board (and accompanying wiring and circuitry)
Temperature sensor

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