November 24, 2007
Reading for November 27th, are now posted. Enjoy!

October 2, 2007
To upload your thoughtless acts, create a new assignment page like any other lab. You'll see "Thoughtless Acts" listed as one of the assignment options.

May 24, 2008
This site has been archived and is no longer editable. Stay tuned for the next version, coming in the fall!

Course Lab Kit

The Thursday curriculum, lab assignments, and homework are based on individual hands-on exercises
with Arduino boards and electronic components.

Therefore, it is necessary for each individual student to have his/her own lab kit.


The $75.00 Course kit includes the following and additional prototyping materials:

Item Part Number Price
Arduino NG Sparkfun #Adruino-USB $31.95
Solderless breadboard Digikey #23273-ND $7.37
USB cable (3ft) Jameco #222607 $1.39
Blue LED Jameco #183222 $2.95
Green LED Jameco #334473 $1.45
Red LED Jameco #33481 $0.27
Piezo buzzer Jameco #336314 $1.26
5.1V zener diode Jameco #179047 $0.04
220 ohm, 1/8W resistors (bag of 100) Jameco #107941 $0.69
10k ohm, 1/8W resistors (bag of 100) Jameco #108126 $0.69
1M ohm, 1/8W resistors (bag of 100) Jameco #108265 $0.69
1K ohm, 1/4W resistors (bag of 100) Jameco #690865 $0.69
10k ohm potentiometers Jameco #255662 $0.95
Photocells -- 100 grab bag Jameco #169578 $12.95
TIP120 Jameco #32993 $0.45
1N4004 diode Jameco #35991 $0.05
AA batteries   $1.00
2-AA battery holder Digikey #BC22AAW-ND $0.51
DC motor, 16K RPM @ 3V Jameco #154923 $1.01
RC servo, standard HobbyPeople #759310 $9.99
22 gague solid hookup wires in red, black, and yellow   ~$5.00
Force sensors   ~$10.00


You have an option of buying these parts yourself, or purchase the lab kit for $75.00 from us during the first week of class.

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