Final project

The primary graded assignment in this class will come from a final project. The final project can either be a single-author paper (Track I final project) or a CMC-related application or prototype from a group of up to three students (Track II final project). The final project details (including deliverables and how to choose which type of project to do) will be available later in the semester. The final project grade will make up 60% of your final grade.

Project development mini-assignments

There will be two smaller graded assignments during the semester, each related to the development or presentation of your final project. These two assignments will be worth 10% each, for a combined total of 20% of your final grade.

Annotation of course readings

Every student is expected to provide comments and critical thoughts on at least one of the readings each week. Some flexibility is allowed, but comments should be provided regularly, and more active participation creates a more valuable resource for everyone. At the end of the semester, we'll provide a copy of the annotated syllabus for you to keep. To keep your thoughts from showing up as Google hits, we've password-protected the annotated version of the syllabus. The password will be given out in class (or you can email Andrew if you miss it). These comments will be worth 20% of your grade.


The remaining 10% of your grade will come from regular class attendance, participation, and instructor discretion. Posting messages to the class mailing list and comments about readings on the syllabus is also part of active participation. If you do not have the password to access the annotated version of the syllabus, please contact Andrew.

10% — Problem and justification memo for final project
10% — Interim report and project drafts
50% — Final project
20% — Annotation of course readings
10% — Class participation, regular attendance, instructor discretion
Assignment schedule

Tue 18 Sep :: Problem and justification memo for final project due

Fri 19 Oct at 3 pm :: Interim report and project drafts due