The Quality of Information, Infosys 290 Section 10 Paul Duguid and Geoffrey Nunberg
Paul Duguid

Geoffrey Nunberg
John Lamping

Peter Lyman

Clifford Lynch

Steve Weber

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Class Sequence

I. Introduction

September 1: Infoenthusiasm

II. Theoretical and Historical Issues

September 8:
Quantity vs Quality (1): Quantity

Reading & slides

September 15:
Quantity vs Quality (2):
Quality, fraud, plagiarism, and hoax--manifestations of "rotten information"

Guest: Peter Lyman, SIMS

Reading & slides

September 22:
Economics of information

Reading & slides

September 29:
Rotten information (2);
Search assignment


October 6:
Print, authors, authority, and reputation

Reading & slides

October 13
Newspapers, the news, and the constitution of the "public sphere"

Reading & slides

October 20
Forms of knowledge and communication:
Dictionaries, reference books, journals, databases

Reading & slides

III. Applications

October 27:

Assignment, Reading, & slides

November 3:
Search Technologies

Guest: John Lamping, Google


November 10:
Legal Solutions:
Intellectual Property & Quality

Reading & slides

November 17:
Open Source & Quality

Guest: Steve Weber, Institute of International Studies

Reading & Slides

November 24:
Discussion class: Information Literacy

Reading TBD

December 1:
Institutional solutions:

Guest: Clifford Lynch, SIMS

Reading TBD

December 8:
Topic & Reading TBD