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290 Design of Library Services -- SOURCES  
Under revision, as of April 7, 1999.

Much of the literature of librarianship is either on or relevant to college and university libraries -- and, as departmental libraries are also special libraries, much of the special library literature is also relevant.
HAS = Humanities & Area Studies. INFO = Temporary Reference Collection in MAIN.


UC Berkeley campus collections.
and monthly acquisitions lists.
The Library of Congress' Library and Information Science Internet Resources Page
The Mining Co Guide to Librarians and Library Science.
Index Morganagus index to library- and information science electronic serials Index to library- and information science electronic serials.
Librarian's index to the Internet
LibraryLand: Resources for librarians. Wide-ranging guide.
Internet Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
Klemperer, Katharina & Chapman. 1997. Digital Libraries: a Selected Resource Guide. ITAL 16 (Sept 1997): 126-131. Online at
ITCS Top Ten Library Science Resources List
Librarians Yellow Pages "America's #1 Purchasing Directory for Library and Information Professionals
Gill's favorite [library related] electronic journals
Internet Tools of the Profession
U of Toronto library-related e-journal

Purcell, Gary R. and Gail Schlachter. Reference Sources in Library and Information Services: A Guide to the Literature. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 1984. MAIN Z666.P96 1983. Annotated bibliography. 1,193 items on a very wide range of topics.


ALA World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services... 3nd ed. 1993. HAS Ref Z1006.A18 1993. E.g. Article on "Academic libraries" and separate articles on such topics as "Collection development" and "Conservation and preservation."

The Bowker Annual: Library and Book Trade Almanac. Has subject index. INFO Z1007.A513

International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science, ed J. Feather & P. Sturges. Routledge, 1997. GOV/SocSci Z1006 .I57 1997 Some substantial articles, e.g. "Information Theory."

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. 1968- . HAS Ref Z1006.E57 Started with A in 1968, reached Z in 1982 then annual supplements. Author, name and subject indexes in v. 46 & 47. Articles vary in quality and up-to-dateness. Sometimes very useful. v.59: Joint-use libraries. Smaller new ed in prep.

The Whole Library Handbook: Current Data, Professional Advice, and Curiosa,..., comp. by George M. Eberhart. ALA, 1991. Z665.2.U6.E24 1991; vol. 2, 1995: Z665.2.U6.E23.1995. E.g. ISBN check digits.

There are many directories of colleges and universities (as opposed to libraries). They sometimes have library information in them and often other information on education and scholarship in that country. The principal ones are in the INFO collection.

American Universities and Colleges. INFO LA226.A65 1987. Main body is arranged by state, then A-Z by name of institution. Much information compactly presented. Also sections on professional education, statistics on foreign enrollment, degrees conferred.

The World of Learning. Annual. AS2 .W6, latest in INFO

Directories that are useful for libraries include:
American Library Directory. Annual. INFO Ref Z731.A53. Arranged by state, then by city, but has index by institution name. Includes names of chief administrative staff, budget, holdings, special collections, names and details of branches, etc. Updating service.

Ash, Lee. Comp. Subject Collections: A Guide to Special Book Collections and Special Emphases ... in University, College, Public and Special Libraries. 7th ed., 1993. INFO Z731.A78 1993. Arranged by subject.

Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers. Gale. 23rd ed = 1998. INFO Z731.D48.

Special Collections in College and University Libraries. New York: Macmillan, 1989. INFO Z731.S731 1989

California Library Directory. HAS Z732.C2.C332 1997

Directories of schools of Library & Information Science: Association for Library and Information Science Education
Worldwide:   Sheffield

The Community of the Book: A Directory of Organizations and Programs. 3 rd ed. Library of Congress, 1993. INFO Z1008.K38 1993

Lists of libraries' websites:
California Library Directory.
List of Public Libraries with WWW Services International.
UC Berkeley Sunsite Library Servers via WWW 2,700 pages from 70 countries.
Yahoo Lots of specialized lists.

Harrod's Librarian's Glossary, 8 th ed comp. by R Prytherch. Gower, 1995. INFO Z1006.H32 1995

The Librarian's Practical Dictionary in 22 Languages, ed. by Z. Pipics. 7th ed. Verlag Dokumentation, 1997. HAS Ref Z1006.P671 1997b

ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship, by Jessica Milstead, 1994. Information Today. Terms, but not definitions. HAS Ref Z695.1.I56.M54 1994

U of Arizona SIRLS. The Information Professional's Glossary.

Significant statistics are issued by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL, a division of the American Library Association), and by the National Center for Educational Statistics. Always note definitions.

ARL Statistics. 1974/75- Annual. INFO Z675.U5A781 Also at U. of Virginia Library
Data on ARL members: 100+ large university libraries and other research libraries. Statistics are listed A-Z by name of the institution and in rank order, e.g. no. of volumes held. Includes expenditures, loans, staff, etc.

Association of College and Research Libraries. ACRL University Library Statistics. 1978/79- . Chicago: ACRL. INFO Z675.U5.A73a Similar to ARL statistics, covering 100+ non-ARL university libraries.

ARL Annual Salary Survey. 1966- Ask at INFO Ref Desk Z682.3.A15.   Average, median, and beginning professional salaries in ARL university libraries. Additional information on the distribution of personnel and average salaries in relation to sex, minorities, medical and law librarians.

ALA Survey of Librarians Salaries... ALA, 1986. MAIN Z682.3.A4 Appears about every two years. Comparative data on salaries in different type of library, different regions, and different positions.

University of California Library Statistics. MAIN Z733.C1523.U6

California State Library. Library Development Services Bureau. California Library Statistics: Public, Academic Special and County Law Libraries. MAIN Z732.C2C41

With Berkeley IP or password from the library try webspirs.

Library and Information Science Abstracts. 1969- Wide coverage, abstracts MAIN Z671.L59   -- also on webspirs.

Library Literature. No abstracts. Selected professional journals only. 1933-1997 on paper MAIN Z666.L5   On webspirs Dec 1984-

Information Science Abstracts 4 (1969)- MAIN Z699.A1.D6 Abstracts. Good foreign coverage.

Library Hi Tech Bibliography 1986-1995. MAIN Z678.9.A2.L5 Most vols many topics but v 10 on Browsing.

Advances & Annual Reviews
There are several Advances in... and Annual Reviews with review articles on varying topics.

Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. 1-, 1966- MAIN Z699.A1.A65

Librarianship and Information Work Worldwide. 1- 1991- MAIN Z672.L49   Almost annual, excellent for developments outside U.S.A.

Advances in Librarianship. 1-, 1970-. MAIN Z674.A351 Eclectic coverage.

Advances in Library Administration and Organization. 1-, 1982- MAIN Z678.A1.A3

Library Trends 1-, 1952- MAIN Z671.L739 Each quarterly issue on a single topic.

ARBA Guide to Library Science Literature, 1970-1983. (Libraries Unlimited: 1987). MAIN Z666.A731 1987. Descriptive and critical guides to books (only). Section on College and Research Libraries. Many books related to academic libraries appear in subdivisions under broad headings, such as Collection Development, History, Library Instruction, Management, etc. Supplemented by:

Library and Information Science Annual. 1- 1985-. MAIN Z665.L527 Supplement to the ARBA Guide. Has reviews of periodicals and abstracts of dissertations.

The Handbooks for Library Administrators are volumes of abstracts of articles that report quantitative research findings and that appeared in (mainly) U.S. librarianship periodicals 1960-83 all edited by David F. Kohl.
--- Administration, Personnel, Buildings and Equipment. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 1985. MAIN Z678.K631 1985 = NRLF B4 202 025
--- Acquisitions, Collection Development, and Collection Use. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio: 1985. MAIN Z 689.K61 1985
--- Cataloging and Catalogs. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio: 1986. MAIN Z693.K61 1986 = NRLF B4 209 377
--- Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Patron Use, and Collection Maintenance. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio: 1986. MAIN Z712.K591 1986
--- Library Education and Professional Issues. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio: 1986. MAIN Z668.K581 1986 = NRLF B4 195 032
--- Reference Services and Library Instruction. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio: 1985. MAIN Z711.K581 1985 On Grad Serv Reserve.

Brockman, J. R. Academic Library Management Research: An Evaluative Review. Loughborough: Loughborough Univ. of Techn., CLAIM, 1985. MAIN Z675.U5.B76 1984

Davis, D.G. & J.M. Tucker. American Library History: A Comprehensive Guide to the Literature. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1989. MAIN Z731 D381 1989

Herring, Mark Y. Controversial Issues in Librarianship: An Annotated Bibliography, 1960-1984. New York: Garland, 1987. MAIN Z666.H441 1987

Latham, S. et al. Library Services for Off-Campus and Distance Education: An Annotated Bibliography. Ottawa: CLA, 1991 (and sequel 1996) MAIN Z675.U5.L29 1991 (and 1996)

Library Hi-Tech Bibliography. MAIN Z678.9 A2L5

Women in Librarianship: 1892-1976. Bibliography. [ALA, 1976] MAIN Z682.W663

Library of Congress Classification. Class Z4-8 Book and bookmaking; Z40-115 Writing; Z116-661 Book industry and trade; Z665-Z1000 Library Science; Z1001-9000 Bibliography.
  Within Z665-Z1000 Library Science: Z675 Classes of libraries A-Z, e.g. Z675.A2 Special Libraries; Z675.N2 National Libraries; Z675.P8 prison libraries; Z675.S6 School libraries; Z675.U5 University and College libraries; etc.   Z695 Cataloging; Z699 Information retrieval; Z679 Library architecture

Library of Congress Subject Headings include:
Academic Libraries. Note subdivisions, e.g. Administration; Aims and Objectives; Automation; Bibliography; Collection Development; Finance; Reference; Use studies. Geographical subdivisions may precede other subdivisions, e.g. Academic libraries -- Kansas -- Statistics. but also Libraries. University and College
Similarly Public Libraries, School Libraries, and Special Libraries
For people Librarians but also College Librarians, Public Librarians, School Librarians, and Special Librarians
Librarians--Job descriptions
Library personnel management
Library architecture--College and University Libraries
Library orientation--College and University Libraries
Library science--Technological Innovation

American Library Association Membership Directory MAIN Z673.A5133 (Years 1980/81-1995/96 published as part of the ALA Handbook MAIN Z673.A513
Dictionary of American Library Biography. 1978. Supplement. 1990. HAS Ref Z720.A4.D51

General textbooks can be useful for particular topics:

Baker, Sharon & F.W. Lancaster Measurement and Evaluation of Library Services. 2nd ed. Arlington, VA: Information Resources Pr., 1991. MAIN (also ENGIN) Z678.85 L3

Buckland, M. K. Library Services in Theory and Context. 2nd ed. New York: Pergamon, 1988. MAIN Z665.B9161 1988   Out-of-print but soon online.

Lancaster, F. W. & B. Sandore. Technology and Management in Library and Information Services. 1997. MAIN Z678.9.L36 1997 Largely a literature review.

Lynch, M. J., ed. Academic Libraries: Research Perspectives. ALA, 1990. MAIN Z675.U.A23 1990 Chapters summarizing research, topic by topic.

McCabe, G. B., ed. Operations Handbook for the Small Academic Library. New York: Greenwood, 1989. MAIN Z675.U5 O661 1989. Good short chapters on specific topics.

McCabe , G. B., ed. The Smaller Academic Library: A Management Handbook. NY: Greenwood, 1988. MAIN Z675.U5.S571 1998 Good short chapters on specific topics.

Taylor, Robert S. Value-Added Processes in Information Systems. Norwood, N.J.: Ablex, 1986. MAIN Z699.T331 1986

Van House, N., B. Weil & C. McClure. Measuring Academic Library Peformance. ALA, 1990. MAIN Z675.U5.V35 1990

Vickery, Brian C. Information Science in Theory and Practice. Rev. ed. London: Butterworths, 1992. MAIN Z665.V73 1992 Useful supplement to introductory texts.

Writing Library Job Descriptions. ALA,1985. MAIN Z682.W96 1985. 4 vols. Examples of job descriptions and guidance on how to write job descriptions.

SPEC Flyer and SPEC Kit. MAIN Z678.A1S18. SPEC is the Systems and Procedures Exchange Center of the ARL Office of Management Studies. SPEC gathers, analyses, and distributes information on current management issues: 4 or 5 a year. Usually based on a survey of ARL libraries generating 80-90% response. A SPEC Flyer is a brief summary. A SPEC Kit contains fuller details: Survey results, reading list, and examples of relevant sample documents: policy statements, job descriptions, organization charts, cost studies, user studies, etc. MAIN has a complete set, e.g. SP234 Distance Learning, Sept 1998; SP230 Affirmative Action in ARL Libraries, June 1998. List

ACRL Clip Notes. 1980- College Library Information Package, like SPEC Kits but fewer and about college libraries. Catalogued separately, e.g. Mission statements for college libraries / compiled by L. L. Hardesty, J. Hastreiter, & D. Henderson. ALA, 1985. MAIN Z675.U5.H251 1985

Library Technology Reports. MAIN Z684.A69

Every campus and most other non-profit organizations has a "development office." Note publications of the Foundation Center.

For current news American Libraries. Library Journal. California Library Association Newsletter. College and Research Libraries News....

American Library Association
For divisions: ACRL, LITA, PLA, etc see ALA website
Association for Research Libraries