School of Information Management & Systems.
Infosys 290-1 Design of Library Services. Buckland. Spr 1999.

Readings -- Provisional!

Buckland, M.   Library Services in Theory and Context. 2nd ed. Pergamon Press, 1988. This book is assigned to provide a general conceptual framework, as background. Unfortunately it is out of print and so not available in bookstores. Two copies are on Reserve in MOFFITT Z665.B9161 1988. The entire text is becoming available on the Library's website:
If need be copies will be made available at a local copyshop. Chapters 1-6, 8-14, 16, 19 & 20 are little changed from the 1st edition, 1983., of which a copy will be added to MOFFITT Reserve Z665.B916 1983.

Buckland, M.   Information and Information Systems Prager, 1991) is a development and expansion of Redesigning Library Services. It is less focussed in on library services but can be used for as a substitute for chapters 4-6, 8-15 & 17. A copy will be added to MOFFITT Reserve Z699.B83 1991

Other Readings
Buckland, M. Redesigning Library Services: A Manifesto.   (American Library Association, 1992.) Available on MOFFITT Reserve and online at

Gorman, Michael. Our Singular Strength: Meditations for Librarians. American Library Association, 1998. MOFF RESERVE Z665.2.U6G67 1998.

Willison, Ian. "The national Library in historical perspective." Libraries and Culture 24 (1989):75-95.

Van House, N & S. A. Sutton. "The Panda Syndrome: An Ecology of LIS Education" Journal of Education for Library and Information Sciennce

More to be added.